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2019 ALS Cruising For A Cure Car Show Coverage: Oldies But Goodies! All Pre-55 Gallery!

2019 ALS Cruising For A Cure Car Show Coverage: Oldies But Goodies! All Pre-55 Gallery!

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – In here you’ll find mostly pre-49 stuff and a few things newer.  These range from full-on restorations all the way to virtually everything has been modified with most being somewhere in between.

I am partial to these older types and I really like all of these, but a few stand out for me.

The big red Power Wagon is a no-brainer to love.  Timelessly-rugged looks and a heritage of toughness make this an easy envy.  This black ’36 Ford Tudor is a gorgeous restified specimen of what I consider to be some of the finest-looking to ever emerge from a Ford factory.

The ’29 A-bone sounded healthy and pressed a lot of the right buttons for a mention.  It would be hard to stuff myself into this thing, but I’d certainly try.  Oh look, another ’36 Ford I’m adoring, but this time it’s a 5-window coupe. Simplicity and cleanliness goes a long way and the subtlety of the overall look draws you in.

Lastly is this ’35 Ford pickup with many of the cues I like about early rods.  A fenderless rod running fenderwell headers rules in my book. The injected big-block is a serious wow factor on this build.  The stance is good with the pie-crusts being the icing on top (or bottom…).  It has a roll bar so hopefully this thing has or will make passes at the track.  Uncap the headers and let it eat.

This early stuff has so much character which is completely lacking in today’s offerings which might be one of the reasons I gravitate to this stuff.  The last photo is of the ‘Best of Show’ winner which we also saw at the Cincinnati Autorama back in January.  This green, fat-fendered Chevy is tubbed and sports a clam shell hood. Pretty trick.

There’s two more items left covering the ALS show so come back to check them out.



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