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Are These Cars Just Too Ugly And Crappy To Make Up For It With A Turbo LS Swap?

Are These Cars Just Too Ugly And Crappy To Make Up For It With A Turbo LS Swap?

Every year at LSFest I find myself laughing or drooling over some amazing machine, that has been conjured up by a fellow hot rodding brother or sister. This year we’ve seen an LS Turbo swapped late model U.S. Mail Truck, a 1970’s style custom van with a turbo 5.3, Volvos, Boats, a Dodge truck, multiple AMCs, a Toyota Starlet, and so much more. And while I was inspired by several of these machines, it definitely got me thinking about some cars that just might not ever be cool, no matter what you stuff under the hood. I supposed there are hundreds of different examples folks could come up with that could be personal favorites for ugly duckling rides, but there are cars that most of the world could agree on as well. Cars like the Yugo, Pacer, Cimarron, Pontiac Aztek, and Citroen Ami are universally thought of as ugly and inferior. But I’ll be honest, I would build a few of these, and think I could make them cool as hell with the right Turbo LS, Wheels and Stance.

What do you think?

Which one of the cars below would be impossible to make cool? Lets see how your opinions match up with mine!

Citroen Ami

AMC Pacer

Cadillac Cimarron

Pontiac Aztek



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10 thoughts on “Are These Cars Just Too Ugly And Crappy To Make Up For It With A Turbo LS Swap?

  1. stitchdup

    The citroen would make for a neat sleeper. I dont think theres anything that can be done to make an aztek cool and it would be a waste of an ls sticking it in that monstrosity

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Great – now some human pond weed will go out and build an LS powered version of these wheeled abortions!

    1. HotRodPop

      Pacer wagon, yeah! Rear side windows covered like a panel van! And, believe it or not, I think the Cimmaron could pull it off, too! Yugo? Not far off from Hot Rod’s Chevette, is it? You didn’t forget that, did you Chad?

    2. Patrick

      Are any of these cars really any uglier than most GM products from the 70s or 80s, even the 90s? The new Silverado has most of these beat in the ugly category

    1. jerry z

      Personally I would like to see a Cadilliac Caters for a LS swap. Not as ugly as the ones above but not a thing of beauty.

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