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BangShift Question Of The Day: What Was Your Favorite Vehicle Ad From The Super Bowl?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What Was Your Favorite Vehicle Ad From The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 52 is over and done with. Philadelphia is in celebration, Tom Brady and the Patriots can at least say that they put up a hell of a fight to the very last second in a solid game, and we can all move on to racing season. Can’t tell that I’m not a football fan, can you? I’m not, but I don’t mind seeing a game once in a while and this year’s finish to the season was one worth watching. I’ll save my venom for the half-time show for other forums, and instead ask a question for those of you who did watch: How’d you enjoy the commercials?

Advertisers spend serious bucks for a Super Bowl spot. This year, for thirty seconds of airtime, about five million dollars would be needed…that’s a lot of change for a quick spot, but it’s one of the largest audiences for any one event on television and both buyers and sellers know that it’s the perfect time to get buzz going about new products or to kick some life into an existing product. This year was pretty light on auto ads, but there were a few. Kia launched an ad for the Stinger that saw Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler rediscover his youth, Toyota got a few religious folk to a football game, Hyundai showed some insight to it’s Hope Detector charity that benefits pediatric cancer research, and Ram showed Vikings rocking out in the bed of the new truck. Hmm…

If I had to pick a favorite, though, it’s the Jeep ad for the new Wrangler, which you can watch below. It doesn’t come much clearer than the message that Jeep is sending here: the Wrangler is new, yes, but it’s still the same go wherever you damn well please utility rig that it’s always strived to be with minimal wording and no music.

Did you have a favorite this year? And if so, what was it?

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12 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What Was Your Favorite Vehicle Ad From The Super Bowl?

  1. KCR

    Football,Baseball and Basketball.Isn’t that what you turn on when you want to take a nap? Besides all those sports are not true professional sports .They get paid the same if they win or loose. Real true pro sports pay the winners.i.e. all motor sports ,golf , tennis ect .you get what I’m getting at .They only get paid extra for the one final game of the year .They are all games of exhibition ,not the true definition of Professional sports .Professional sports pay the winner his or her winnings as income at each outing .This insures the”pro” is at his or her best every time they compete.Paying a so called professional sports player the same amount win or loose breads complacency and laziness.That is just my opinion .

  2. Robert

    I didnt watch and this was the first year I can think of that I didnt hear people talking about the game in the days leading up to it. No interest in it.

  3. skeptical

    Didn’t watch the Superbowl. Didn’t even know it was happening until a friend commented on the grocery store being slightly busier than normal. Certainly not going to intentionally watch ads.

  4. crazy canuck

    jeep ad although they still wont give the offroad guys gals what we want lockers and gears and a v8 in a sport you still have to buy the damn overpriced rubicon

  5. Steve

    A co-worker has test driven a Kia Stinger, and I admit I like the look. I was pleased to see the ad, but I think they were leaning so heavily on the Aerosmith endorsement that they forgot to show us the car.


    Football,baseball,basketball,hockey, are not sports, they are games.
    Way to “high school”……
    Remember, there are only two true sports: Hunting & Racing!

  7. chevy hatin' mad geordie

    Being an Englishman I watch proper football which you lot call soccer rather than faggots in crash helmets playing a soft form of rugby…..

  8. BeaverMartin

    I liked the Ram ad, but it definitely wasn’t as good as the farmer one from a few years back. I liked the ad for the JL too.

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