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BangShift Question Of The Day: How Do You Prefer Your Horsepower? Big Cubes Or Small? Gas Or Diesel?

BangShift Question Of The Day: How Do You Prefer Your Horsepower? Big Cubes Or Small? Gas Or Diesel?

I have been on a hot streak over the last couple weeks in seeing horsepower made in virtually every way a gearhead could dream up. Lots of nutso stuff in various NHRA classes ranging from 900ci nitrous engines to tiny 135ci tubo mills in drag machines.  I was at the Diesel Power Challenge watching Cummins Power Stroke and Duramax monsters roar as well. We’re talking torque in the 2,000+ ft/lb range! Naturally this got me to thinking. If I have seen this much diversity it must mean that all of you in reader land have an opinion or favorite way to make your ponies. How do you best like to make ’em?

Do you like buzzy little engines that are super light and efficient? Do you like big cubic inch mills that live in lower RPM bands but make major grunt? Do you like diesel engines equipped with a brace of turbochargers that create torque on mind-numbing levels? We’ve seen all of those things and more over the last nine days and now we want to hear from you!

BangShift Question Of The Day: How Do You Prefer Your Horsepower? Big Cubes Or Small? Gas Or Diesel? 

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12 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: How Do You Prefer Your Horsepower? Big Cubes Or Small? Gas Or Diesel?

  1. Happy Motoring

    How do I like my horsepower? Very well, thanks for asking! LOL! Seriously though, Ford or Dodge V8’s that are over 300 cu. in. and burn gas.

  2. RK - no relation

    I like them all and I’m not kidding. Can’t get enough.

    What’s that engine in the photo (on stands with the Banks supercharger?)

  3. Singapore Hot Rod

    I fantasize about 1,000 CI Sonny engines, Procharged ProLine engines, and Kasse Boss 9 engines. Chevy guy at heart but primarily love massive amounts of HP. And the engine has to look nice.

  4. aussie351

    Big block, small block, n/a, turbo, supercharged. I like ’em all, including diesels (I’ve also got a VDJ200 Landcruiser, 4.5 twin-turbo V8).


  5. 75Duster

    Any healthy American V8 with a nice rumble is music to my ears, however I prefer Mopar V8 big or small block.

  6. Joe J

    Hi compression ground pounding big block rumble at idle, and a small block winding past 7000 are V8 noises I like.

  7. The Mechanic

    I love small and big block chevy engines. I also love anything with a real hemi(392, 426, etc, not the new one or the top fuel style) Im also a heavy equipment tech so a big diesel chugging along will make my day. 32L V12 @1000hp is an awesome sound. Im not really into the powerstroke, duramax cummins. The guy with the computer that turned his engine into a smoking time bomb annoys me.

  8. Drslmr

    Any pushrod buzz-bomb engine capable of spinning 9,000+ rpm or the point they seemingly go quiet. Even better if it’s mated to a manual transmission!

  9. Dave D

    Personally, big cubes and gas. While I respect the power coming out of diesels these days, I don’t like the smoke or the smell.

  10. Patrick

    I like them all, like when they are combined in competition. Thats why I liked F1 and Imsa in the 70s-90s. Hi strung 4 cal turbos vs bad ass stock block v8s vs boxer 6 Porsche and boxer and v-12 Ferraris. cosworths and Jag v12s, glorious era.

  11. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I don’t care how many cubes as long as it runs on gas and has FORD written on the valve covers. In the UK Millington are building 300HP plus 4 cylinder motors based on a ford block and Ken Block runs one in his Mk2 Escort rally car. I reckon a turbocharged version would put out at least 500HP which would give even a Coyote Motor a run for its money. But then you have the 302, FE, Shotgun and even the legendary Cammer and also the pedigree of all those FI, Le Mans and Indy wins which sets those motors apart from anything built by GM or Mopar.

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