eBay: This 1980s Indy Car Was Owned by Hasselhoff and Raced By Arie Luyendyk

eBay: This 1980s Indy Car Was Owned by Hasselhoff and Raced By Arie Luyendyk

There are some things to really, really love about this car and some things to be annoyed by that have nothing to do with the car. You are looking at the 1980s Lola Indy Car that Arie Luyendyk drove to several top 10 finishes in 1986 and 1987 and competed at the Indy 500 with. While his Indy drive in this thing was one of the more forgettable of his storied career, the machine is amazing. 100% perfectly preserved right down to the nuts and bolts holding the turbocharged Cosworth DFX engine together, it is a look back at what Indy car racing was some three decades ago.

Other stuff to love? David Hasselhoff was one of the owners of this thing when Luyendyk was driving it! In the realm of happy financial endings, famous people and athletes owning race cars usually conclude more like a Wes Craven movie than a Frank Capra flick. We’re not sure if the Hoff bled money into this thing but we’re guessing that he did, because what else was there to do with it? The chassis is a T8600 and it is likely one of the most unaltered and nicest on the planet if you are into such things.

The seller class this car a barn find and that’s annoying to us. Remember that Model T we posted the other day? That’s a barn find. A perfectly preserved, not a hair out of place racing car that looks like it could be fired up and driven tomorrow is not a barn find. This was a “rich guy collection” find. Hell, maybe the rest of the stock cars sitting next to it were in the same barn. We get the term but it has been beaten to death at this point.

Want to go vintage racing? Shoehorn yourself into this baby and listen to that Cosworth make the devil’s own music!

eBay: This 1980’s vintage Indy car was owned by Hasselhoff! 

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7 thoughts on “eBay: This 1980s Indy Car Was Owned by Hasselhoff and Raced By Arie Luyendyk

  1. Gary

    Yeah, if you think “Barn find” is being mis- and over, used, where have you been on “rat rod”? Every sidewalk commando that sees an unfinished car calls them rat rods…

  2. old guy

    It was an open hand dope slap at Vegas when Arie barged into winners circle and asked AJ if he knew how to count June 97

    There are easier ways to die …

  3. 75Duster

    Back when Indy cars were racing more brands than just Honda and Chevy, as a Mopar guy I was actually rooting for a Chevy to win the Indy 500 this year over a Honda.

  4. Patrick

    HPD Honda is in Santa Clarita Ca and that is where the motors are built. Much like TRD in Costa Mesa, Ca. Toyota uses more American parts in their trucks than the Chevys assembled in Mexico. Not a fan of Toyota, but the truth hurts.

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