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BangShift Question Of The Day: Who Thought Changing GM’s Badge Was A Good Idea?

BangShift Question Of The Day: Who Thought Changing GM’s Badge Was A Good Idea?

Yes, it’s a rhetorical question, because the answer is known: GM’s own marketing team have made the decision to move to a new marketing plan called “Everybody In” and is meant to…well, you can read the press release:

“As GM amplifies its EV message, it has also created a revitalized brand identity designed for a digital-first environment. The new logo builds on a strong heritage while bringing a more modern and vibrant look to GM’s familiar blue square. The new brand identity extends to technology brands including Ultium. The team of GM designers tasked with creating the new logo considered how to balance the history and trust inherent to the existing design with GM’s vision for the future.

According to Sharon Gauci, GM executive director of Global Industrial Design: “This was a project our team took so personally, not just for ourselves but for the 164,000 employees this logo represents. At every step we wanted to be intentional and deliberate because this logo signifies creative and innovative thinking across the global General Motors family.”

The new GM logo features a color gradient of vibrant blue tones, evoking the clean skies of a zero-emissions future and the energy of the Ultium platform. The rounded edges and lower-case font create a more modern, inclusive feel. The underline of the “m” connects to the previous GM logos as well as visually representing the Ultium platform. And within the negative space of the “m” is a nod to the shape of an electrical plug.”

Effectively, to make GM seem like they are suddenly the final word in future automotive tech, they have changed their logo to something that looks like an app on my phone and will be bringing in “influencers” for this new campaign, including author Malcom Gladwell, surfer and shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, fitness instructor Cody Rigsby and gamer Erin A. Simon.

Discuss at will. I’m moving on.

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20 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: Who Thought Changing GM’s Badge Was A Good Idea?

  1. your dudeness

    i wish i could collect the check that some bozo will get for the worthless fluff adds so much to the engineering that they do not get

  2. OKSnake08

    It took a “team of engineers” to draw two letters in a box….and they didn’t even have to pick the letters….

  3. Roach

    Where do I start, gm ( I used lower case to make them happy) We have engines that come from the factory with casting sand still in them and they wont replace the engine for the customer( we are only authorized to put bearings in and the oil filter will catch anything left) this from engineering staff. We deal with broken valve springs, flat cams, exploded lifters, blown head gaskets, pistons braking, injector frailer, faulty wiring, transmission frailer, torque converter frailer, front and rear diff frailer, transfer case frailer, ball joints and other front end parts that are wore out in 30.000 miles, I have told them what I think of them on the phone but their attitude is they have the sheep skin on the wall and you don’t ! They will sell a lot of cars and trucks because people believe their crap.

  4. Reveldryver

    Typical of car companies today. It takes a committee and most likely a bunch of focus groups to redesign a logo that includes two letters. There was probably a “team” of marketing people who wrote this silly press release.

  5. Ford police dept.

    Another millennial failure. Logo change at that level signals troubles in my mind. With the color gradient, it looks like a sinking ship. Which it probably is. Ford has an excellent commercial right now talking about the future and the change toward electric vehicles, even the Mustang. Like it or not the world is changing and co-vid just advanced it 20 years. Brick and mortar offices and stores are doomed, families are only needing one vehicle and a SUV will cover all their needs. I’m thinking Ford has some really sharp cookies in their organization. After all, they didn’t need a bailout.

    1. bill

      ford mortgaged everything including the ford logo a couple of years before the bush nightmare. ford stock sold as low as a $1.00.after the nightmare. it’s still way below the value from of the 70’s.

    2. bill

      ford mortgaged everything including the ford logo just before the bush nightmare. they got lucky and paid it off. but ford stock was selling for a $1.00 a share after 2008. lost a lot of value when it sold for bunches more in the 70’s. and their stock is still way down for the 70’s.

      1. OKSnake08

        Yes Ford did mortgage the Blue Oval, but they brought it back. I don’t like everything they are doing /have done BUT it seems to be working. Unfortunately I can’t get hard parts for my GT500 but since I’m a drag racer guess I’ll just have to Godzilla it when the time comes…GM went bankrupt I’ll take a dollar over nothing and it’s not at $1 now

  6. Robert

    Lower case must mean their junk isn’t worth a capital letter.
    And I am a GM guy! Of course all my favorites dont exist anymore such as Pontiac and Olds.

  7. Ricky Harper

    The press release is the product of a bunch of 25 year old MBAs that think they have the tiger by the tail. I have seen that kind of thinking for more 40 years of working in the corporate world. I work with executives at a lot of corporations; it is a disease, I call it MBAitis and GM has it really bad. Sadly, engineers get ripped for a lot of stuff that the empty suits in marketing do.

    From an engineering standpoint, GM is one of the best examples of ‘bottom line’ strategy versus ‘excellence’ in its cultural thinking. Whereas most car manufacturers seem to be trying to improve and raise quality where possible and within reasonable cost, gm has for decades chose profit over quality and ergonomic engineering. They make great engines and transmissions and it seems they rest on that laurel, ignoring the rest of the vehicle including styling (Case in point, the latest pickups). Last week I rented a brand new Tahoe while on vacation, which was clearly built to the usual GM standard. Oh, it ran well, etc., but was plagued with uncomfortable seats, a steering wheel offset from center, rattles and creaks. GM fans will say I am biased, but discerning car-people know what I am talking about; my 2011 RAM 2500 with 160K miles on it has a quieter, tighter, and and more pleasant interior than that brand new Tahoe, in every way.

  8. Tubbed Pacecar

    1) If it takes MULTIPLE paragraphs to explain a simple F’ing logo, you’re already off the rails! Are you going to ziptie a laminated tag to the vehicle that has those paragraphs printed on it so people can read it and understand WTH the logo is all about?? FMG

    2) I worked for a subsidiary of Halliburton for 13 years….in that time, we went from B&R, to KBR, to Halliburton KBR, then BACK TO KBR…..the powers that be couldn’t make up their f’ing minds, and If I had lit all the outdated business cards I had in my office, I don’t know if the sprinkler system would have been enough:)

    Change for the sake of change is not the same as PROGRESS!!……..

    ’nuff said!!


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