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Question Of The Day: What Is Going Through The Driver’s Mind, Right Now?

Question Of The Day: What Is Going Through The Driver’s Mind, Right Now?

Between the last possible second where everything is still under control and good, and the moment where impacts are made and the chocolate has hit the fan, there is time. It’s often said that in those moments, the world comes to a standstill and that your purist thoughts appear. I’ll agree that those few precious seconds between “Aw, #@$*” and “…ow” exist…I experienced them first-hand while riding dirt-bikes. But what does one think about in those seconds? From my experiences, there’s only one clear quote: “This is gonna hurt”. But that’s just me…always focused on what’s ahead. And sadly, I was never wrong in predicting the future.

I’ve seen this photo floating around, and I’m sad to say that I know nothing about what’s going on here. I don’t know the track, the event or the driver of the Mustang. All I do know is that the driver is not having a great day. But the photographer nailed the moment of solitude, the point of clarity. If you stay quiet and concentrate, you might hear what the driver is thinking as the ill-fated Fox floats graceully in the air, moments away from grinding metal and shattering glass. Our question for you, readers: what is this driver thinking, right now?

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26 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: What Is Going Through The Driver’s Mind, Right Now?

  1. Brian Cooper

    No Ragrets.

    I have made choices, and they may not have been good.


  2. Oklxs03

    And then the poor pony choked on the bow tie shoved down its throats and fell on its side dead.

  3. AndyB

    Boy, that sure looks like Byron Dragway.

    As for the driver, it’s not even words in your mind at that moment, just a feeling. A bad, bad feeling.

  4. Greg

    Definitely Byron Dragway, wheelstand event about 5 years ago. I seem to recall he got to see the track through both sides of the car.

  5. Eric

    It is at Byron, during the wheelstand contest 5ish years ago. He might have won the “most violent” award that day. There is/was a video from inside the car, too.

  6. Bill Greenwood

    Y’know, they were right. Those new shocks and radials really did smooth out the ride. It’s like riding on air….

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