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Money No Object: This 1993 Dodge Ram W350 Is Diesel Royalty, And Needs To Be Saved From Coal Rollers!

Money No Object: This 1993 Dodge Ram W350 Is Diesel Royalty, And Needs To Be Saved From Coal Rollers!

I don’t pretend to fully understand the culture of diesel performance folks. To me, a diesel pickup truck is a tool, a workhorse, something that I can load up, tow with, or anything along those lines. Tool first, alternative to the family car second. In these days of $80,000 pickup trucks, the simplicity of a pre-1994 Dodge Ram is almost refreshing, and in 12-valve Cummins form with a five-speed…yeah, this is a desirable tool. Compared to any Cummins Ram that followed along, the 1989-93 diesel Rams are about as technologically advanced as the rock you can use to fix 95% of the issues that might crop up. Squared off and handsome, the legend of the Cummins made an otherwise ancient platform that had been reheated over and over into the truck to have, simply because of the torque alone.

So why would we recommend dumping money into twenty-five year old truck? Because far too few of these Dodges are left unscathed. Diesel freaks hunt these down as if they were the last tasty buffalo roaming the plains, and this particular example is the prime target for someone who has images of black smoke clouds and exhaust stacks. The Ram is pretty straight and clean, so other than a repaint of Graphic Red and some spit-and-polish under the hood, we’d say leave well enough alone. Enjoy the work beast as it was meant to be.

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4 thoughts on “Money No Object: This 1993 Dodge Ram W350 Is Diesel Royalty, And Needs To Be Saved From Coal Rollers!

  1. Mouse

    By 1988 Dodge trucks were considered dowdy, ugly and mechanicly inferior to Fords and GM’s. The addition of the Cummins Diesel changed the image somewhat but the dowdy looks remained. 25 yrs+ later these trucks have a mythology that is down right idiotic. As the long time owner of a mostly stock 93 W250 Cummins powered unit I have been approached many times by guys younger than the truck, asking if I would be interested in selling it. Let me set the record straight. These trucks are NOT bullet proof! These trucks NEED constant maintenance or they will fall apart. That being said these trucks are tough in an old school get the job done kind of way. Best work truck I have ever owned.

  2. Kent Reed

    When it comes to diesel pickups. I have one thing to say. Dodge did not try to reinvent the diesel engine. They went to some one that knows how to build one and bought them . It still works today . It took Chevy a while to figure it out . They now have a good engine after 25 years of trial and air. Ford still don’t have a clue . I have worn out a couple of Dodge Cummins pickups.I mean the sheet metal is crappy at best . Rusts out way to soon. And the electrical issues can be a total night mare. But the drive train is the best I have ever been around. Yep they are not perfect . But I sure like em.

    1. steve

      cummins actually built 6 trucks in the 80s, converting 2 fords, 2 chevys and 2 dodges to cummins diesel power and presenting them to each auto maker. chevy having detroit and already with the 6.2 blew them off, ford was already working with navistar, and dodge jumped at the chance.

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