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Whatever Happened To That Ford GAA-Powered Mustang?

Whatever Happened To That Ford GAA-Powered Mustang?

Picture, if you will: an all-aluminum 32-valve DOHC V8 producing 500 horsepower, coming from the factory built to kill and meant to take an absolute beating at the hands of the operator. Ford did just that…in 1940. It’s the world’s largest V8, the GAA. It comes in at a jaw-dropping 1,100 cubic inches of displacement (that’s a flat 18 liters to you metric types) and chucked out a solid 1,000 ft/lbs of torque from idle to 2,200 RPM. Found in certain variations of the M4 Sherman tank (namely the M4A3 variations) the GAA proved to be a capable enough tank power unit.

About ten years ago rumors started to float around that one of these tank mills was being shoved into something that was supposed to be a 1970 Mustang. Photos and even a couple of YouTube videos managed to make an appearance, but quick research doesn’t show any further evidence of such a beast being finished. Part of the reason might have something to do with the GAA’s fuel consumption rate (MPG: You don’t wanna know) but even for a wild built like that, you’d think it’d be done. Anybody got any leads on what happened to the ultimate mountain-motor Mustang?

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9 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To That Ford GAA-Powered Mustang?

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I just can’t work out why such an engine that was years ahead of its time was wasted in a tank. Can you imagine a 1940 Ford with one of those under its hood – it would have been awesome!

      1. Jorge Milian

        That’s the Cliffs notes version. When RR came to the US to expand Merlin production, Ford had already been building them in England too. They offered to make a functional equivalent and named it the GAC. Rolls Royce had a conniption and took the plans to Packard who more faithfully duplicated the Merlin. Upon seeing all the work done, Ford made the V12 into a V8 and successfully made them tank engines.

    1. Can TANK erous

      It\’s good to hear your two cents.
      I was wondering about not hearing from you the other day.

  2. KCR

    Years ago I went to western Kansas to buy a couple old hemis from a rancher . They were used on water pumps,anyway. He had a pulling tractor he built either in the late 70’s or early 80s that had one of these in it.He said he sold one to a fella that was gona put it in an old Mustang .The rancher had 24 of those engines. He had a couple on gen sets .He claimed they were Korean era tank and gen set power .His on the tractor was turbo’d with homemade fuel injection.I remember him saying they were overhead cam Hemi’s.And it had 3″ intake and exhaust ports. He also claimed it weighed less that 100 pounds more than a big block chevy .An unbelievable engine ,he claimed his made 4000 hp and over 6000 foot pounds.I remember it had a custom 16″ clutch .I was way more interested in these big fords he had than the 2 354 hemi’s I had bought from him.I’m not a Ford guy ,but that is cool shit

    1. Marco Buijs

      Hello. We’re also into tractorpulling and we also stil use the Ford GAA engines. We live in the Netherlands in Europe by the way… Can you remember the western-Kansas’ ranchers name? Or would you have an adress or another lead? We’re stil searching for one or more spare engine(s). Thanks anyway. And also thanks for everyone involved on this topic for sharing their info and experience!

      1. KCR

        That has been12 years ago,sorry. I asked him were he found all of them . He just said ” Oh they are around” He even told me he would sell one for $2500 Sorry

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