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Big News: Aaron Is Leaving Gas Monkey Garage – Does He Have His Own Show Coming?

Big News: Aaron Is Leaving Gas Monkey Garage – Does He Have His Own Show Coming?

Well count us as surprised at this news! Yesterday, Richard Rawlings announced that Aaron Kaufman had suddenly and unexpectedly announced that he would be leaving Gas Monkey Garage. While Rawlings had nothing but good things to say about his time with Kaufman and all of the things that they’ve accomplished, he also stopped short of saying what Aaron would be doing next. For the record, Kaufman has not made a statement on his own but we’re guessing that will come soon enough.

Predictability Rawlings talked about how the operation will continue on without Kaufman and he’s right, it will. There’s always something about breaking the band up, though. Nothing is ever quite the same, especially for the ones staying.

The timing of the announcement is interesting in that perhaps there’s a contract that is up on January 1st and that will be the official end of the relationship or maybe that’s the term the TV contract?

We’re going to openly speculate that Kaufman will be reappearing again very soon and with a show of his own. The guy is a racer and a hot rodder so we bet it will center around those passions in his life.

Richard Rawlings has built a pretty amazing empire in a few short years. The TV show has been parlayed into stuff ranging from an energy drink brand to a tequila brand, a concert venue, a restaurant/bar chain, and corporate endorsement gigs for stuff like Dodge and Miller beer. Will any of that stuff be negatively impacted? Likely not but time will tell.



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31 thoughts on “Big News: Aaron Is Leaving Gas Monkey Garage – Does He Have His Own Show Coming?

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    In the Hot Wheels themed Christmas special Aaron stated he had taken some time off for a personal emergency. So you guys are guessing that he may start his own business – get your facts right and show some feelings for him as it might be actually be true!

    1. Me

      It takes about 30 seconds of searching to find out there was no family emergency. He probably got tired of Douchebag Rawlings.

    2. Marty Bryant

      He is a awesome guy and nice as they come and one hell of a mechanic he deserves a show of his own and recognition for what he does he is a true hot rodder and I wish you all the luck and success in the world!

  2. Brent

    The show was already becoming more about the brand and the outside business ventures (Rawling’s flaunting his money…) and less about cars. I’m over the Orange County Choppers recipe for show building. At least there was less wrench throwing, but still the ridiculous timelines and “oh, there’s a major problem, what will we do now…?”
    Ah, reality TV. Funny how so many believe that it is 100% truth. If you’ll remember, Richard “fired” a couple of other guys a few years ago and miraculously they showed up on another show not long after….

    1. John Brown

      Having been a technician for 40 years and having won numerous awards from GM of Canada,I am surprised at Aarons ability.Those who think he is a “great mechanic” probably have no mechanical knowledge.

  3. Brian Cooper

    While the show is a circus, I applaud Rawlings for what he has built around his image. Kauffman seems to be talented from watching the show.

    I hope that Kauffman does start his own shop, and I hope that he and Rawlings are both succesful.

    In the automotive world, a rising tide lifts all boats. We need guys that bring attention to the hobby. These guys do exactly that. Rawlings has a distinct personality that is not everyone’s taste, but he is consistant and he has done well by it. Kauffman does show skill. I hope that he is able to leap forward as well.

    1. Devsrevs

      I was thinking about that too. they visited Foose around that Pantera build where Richard found the car Foose’s dad built. Foose and Aaron would build bitchin rides! Oh There’s already a show called that! damn!

  4. Tanglefoot

    He probably just got tired of being a sidekick to Richard Rawlings , that guy is such a self absorbed douchebag I couldn’t stand to watch this “reality” show .

  5. Richard B

    I have met Richard and he is actually a pretty nice guy. Perhaps there was friction, but this is not a lot different from a regular business. The owner makes some big bucks by having a top-notch right-hand man. The right-hand man decides he can do it himself and starts his own business. Life goes on.

  6. Pat G.

    I’m surprised he lasted as long as he has. I know i wouldn’t have. He does all the work while Rawlings stands back and does nothing but bitch.

  7. sbg

    Richard is more about promotion then being a TV star – and that’s where the money is… Aaron gets his own show, Richard keeps running his businesses…. eventually Gas Monkey ends and Richard can go back to doing what he loves which is promotion and building cars.

  8. Geordie hatin' Mad Chevy

    These idiots are as talented as the monkeys on a typewriter joke. Bolting stuff together under the false pretence of a deadline, with the the usual one d-bag with a van dyke, one bald guy, one fat guy, and one doofus has been done. How about some originality?

    Guy probably left to get his grade ten.

  9. Brendan M

    In general I don’t have a problem with the show.
    It’s something brain numbing to watch while waiting for Fed ex to deliver speed parts or instead of watching clear coat dry.

    Besides, if we didn’t have gas monkey, we’d be stuck watching marathons of gold rush or that Alaska inbred family.

  10. claymore

    Good now maybe ass monkey will stop building drag along the road, rusted, clear coated piles of junk that never make money for them when they do terrible at auctions.

  11. Chico Kid

    The comment by John Brown above is spot on. AK is an amateur at best. Every time something he did failed, he bailed. In particular, he was puffing out his chest before they chopped the top on that Model A coupe and then nothing lined up. The other doods spent days fixing it but AK divorced himself from that one, and many other genius things also. I quit watching when AK started using the 4+ syllable words in incorrect contest trying to sound educated…give me a break. Good riddance…

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