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Rough Start: This 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Could Be Your Investment Car

Rough Start: This 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Could Be Your Investment Car

Out of all of the GM A/G body cars that were built, not one was more polarizing than the 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aerocoupe. We will spare you the long story: In short terms, Richard Petty wanted to aero-tweak the boxy Grand Prix, and basically got GM’s permission to go buck-wild. The car was produced, sold in limited numbers, and while it worked for NASCAR homologation purposes, on the street it fell flat on it’s face. I’m not shy in blaming General Motors for that, either. The looks are subjective, but when the Oldsmobile 442 and Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS could stomp a hole through a homologation special (not to mention the Buick Grand National, Regal T-Type or GNX) without even breathing hard, that becomes an unacceptable fault. Instead of using the 180 horsepower 305ci Chevrolet mill or the torquey 307 Oldsmobile V8, the 2+2 was saddled with the 150hp Chevrolet 305. Do you know how embarrassing it must be when MotorWeek straight-up pans your car?


That being said, you have to acknowledge two facts about the 2+2: Richard Petty was responsible for that tunnel-back shape and the other aero tweaks, and that only 1,225 of these machines left the factory. Anyone who has ever watched Mecum or Barrett-Jackson knows where I’m going with this: rarity. This is a modern collectable, but in an approachable shape. You could buy and drive this Grand Prix as-is, but if you are deadly serious about hunting down a project car, here you go. Visually restore the car…all of the damage we can see from the pictures can be fixed with regular GP material…and while we heartily recommend beefing up the 305 and 200R4 trans, we’d suggest resisting the urge to yank out the numbers-matching mill. Wait another twenty years, keep it in one piece, and if you’re played your cards right, this Pontiac will thank you in return: either you’ll have a lifetime car that you did the work on yourself, or you’ll make a killing on the auction floor with a forgotten GM G-body.

Craigslist Link: 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Aerocoupe


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10 thoughts on “Rough Start: This 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Could Be Your Investment Car

  1. crazy

    I\’d pull the 305/2004r and put them aside.. for when and if the car takes off..
    money wise…

  2. jerry z

    I’ve owned a few MCSS Aerocoupes and couldn’t understand why the rear windows are different between the Pontiac and Chevy. Also they made them only for one year compared to the MCSS 2 yr run.

    If I bought this car, it wouldn’t stay stock.

    1. crazy

      Why would they make it like the SS areo?? Pontiac was compeating against chevy..

      The SS 2 year run is well um,, the 1st year they made 200.ish

      The 2+2 rear window iirc is the 3rd gen f body glass..

      1. BigDogSS

        Crazy wrote:
        The 2+2 rear window iirc is the 3rd gen f body glass..

        Nope. Google images of both and you will see.

    2. Ron Marsh

      Chevrolet discovered that shape for the back window took 25 more horsepower to pull through the air than the window they went with. Although both were GM teams Chevrolet didn’t share this information with Pontiac. Richard Petty’s team was the most affected by this and as you can imagine there was a lot of animosity in the garage area .

  3. Colinv

    I don’t know how long one might have to wait for this car to become valuable at auction? I like this era of vehicle, it’s what I grew up with, but lean more toward the Ma Mopar side of things. Rarity does not automatically mean desirable, I should know I own two low number optioned late mopars, one late B-body and an early M-body. With their options they are quite rare but I can safely say I was nearly the only one to want these cars. Both were for sale for an extra extended period of time and as such I got the price down after the owners of both cars called me to see if I was still interested more than a year after I left my number with them.

  4. derbydad276

    twin turbo LS engine 700 r 4 or one of the newer electronic trans from gear star a few extra body tweakes install a cage & head for the Ohio Mile & Bonneville

  5. Anthony

    I remember seeing these in front of a local Pontiac dealer when I was a teen. 6 of them lined up. Now its a 30 year old car!


    While I like body work better I do think the MCSS AeroCoupe did better because it had enough deck lid to generate rear downforce.

    I’d try to respect the eventual value of something like this but that wee-oh-five have to go. Being me it’d be a Buick Turbo6 (probably the version that went into the Turbo Trans Am) and GNX 3-link rear suspension. I wouldn’t feel too bad to put a bolt in Tiger Cage and a new front suspension in there. To be clear I’d put the original parts in crates for when this would become an investment vs. a play thing.

  7. BigDogSS

    If I recall correctly, the 2+2 option added $7,000 to the sticker price of the 1986 GP.

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