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They’d Never See You Coming: This 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Is Ripe For The Building

They’d Never See You Coming: This 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Is Ripe For The Building

Was it just me, or did everybody’s grandparents seem to own one of these big Oldsmobiles in the 1990s? They stood tall, stately, and a bit dour…kind of like any Transylvanian castle Hollywood has dreamed up. Trim and athletic next to a 1976 Delta 88, which was an asphalt-crusher if there ever was one, the 1977 model could be joyful if you optioned it right. The Pace Car scheme that Oldsmobile cooked up was a looker, but this dark green Delta is more like what you were apt to find at the dealership. It’s clean, for sure, but is it ever…what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, yeah. Boring.

That makes it perfect. The outside appearance is perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. No, really, I wouldn’t. The biggest tell would be wider steelies that could still wear those hubcaps. The 350 underhood is alright, but a stump-puller Oldsmobile mill would be a hell of a lot better. We’d leave the column-shifted automatic, though a 700R4 automatic built to take the punishment would be wise. Deepen the rear gear to anything better than whatever magical MPG ring GM tossed out back, throw the whole damn QA1 catalog’s worth of suspension parts at it (visually hidden, of course) and keep everything quiet.

Before you can say, “Hey, kid, your Mustang looks quick”, you’ll be breaking hearts everywhere.

eBay Link: 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88

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15 thoughts on “They’d Never See You Coming: This 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Is Ripe For The Building

  1. MotoMichael

    Sometime in the mid-to-late 1990’s, I knew a fella named Randy that worked in a small wrecking yard in Fort Walton Beach. He did the very thing you suggested. Had an Olds 88–with snow tires- that he’d throw junkyard 455s into and pick on Fox Mustangs, (and anything else foolish enough to try him).
    He said from the jump, the Mustang would leap ahead off the line, then when his Olds 88 hit 2nd gear, the gap between them would stop growing. Once the big Olds hit 3rd, he’d motor past them. Talk about an ego killer!
    Snow tires, in Florida! Obviously cheap and worked well for the dirt roads in that area. Perhaps they offered some stickiness when heated…

  2. Tony Primo

    At the minimum I would build up a nice Oldsmobile 403 with all of the Edelbrock performance parts on it.

    1. Cary A Gay

      Hey I owned a 98 a year younger than this car. It had the 350cid just like this car. One day ( with nothing to do)my brother in law and I pulled the engine, took it a part, and made plans for a rebuild. Weeks later started to rebuild the engine and put a 455 crank shaft in it. We had a blast and it was a real stump puller. Three weeks later, someone stole the car. My family laughed at me for putting full coverage on the car but the laughter stopped when I received a check and it. With $4000 burning a hole in my pocket, I found another one, fully loaded with a 403cid engine in it. This car was to nice to mess with so I paid $2000 for it and drove it home and kept it in my backyard. Now I miss both cars and I am in search for another one.

      1. Goldie Casanova Grooms

        I have a two door 79 just like the one up top im looking to sale 727 488 8913

  3. Pat McGinnis

    Hey, don’t be too negative. I am currently the high bidder, but not reaching the reserve. These B-Bodies are killer builds in whatever direction you want to go.

  4. geo815

    The couple Caddys and 88/98’s I saw around NE NJ were running high single digits back in the late 80’s, early 90’s. That’s a guess judging from the front wheel daylight off the line and their speed through the traps. I was obsessed with the fast, land yacht cars. Still am. Juiced, mountain motors appeared to do the trick then. I saw one with the hood up, once when I was 17. ONCE. I’m guessing from the test and tune night “no-times,” and the blacked out windows, these guys ran for a bit more than a week’s pay in places I can only imagine. I’d love to hear the stories if any of you haunt this site.

  5. RayRay Dewitt

    This is beautiful piece of art…the 1977-1978 Olds 88s & 98s are my favorite cars til this day, I owned several of each in coupe & sedans.

    1. Ed

      Had a 1977 -98, 1978-88, 1979-98, and a 1978 Chevy wagon.

      All great cars! But, of all, I miss my 1965 Olds Cutlass.

  6. Richard Rotondo

    A big OLDS with a big block …love them …I’m looking to put a 455 in my 58 OLDS 88 …hope to have a thousand horses ……

  7. Ed

    I had a 1979 Olds Delta 88 Royals with the 5.7L diesel. It was like driving your couch down the street. It got 22 mpg city and 34 mpg hwy. I had 459,000+ miles on it when I got rid of it, I never had to do any major work to it, a couple radiators, water pumps, a/c compressor and 2 alternators. Changed the oil every 3500 miles and it ran perfectly and used, back then, Amoco Premier Diesel fuel and never had any issues with water or fuel waxing in the winter. It was a fun car!!

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