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Ebay Find: This Dart-blocked Monte Carlo Is A Hustler, Ready To Go

Ebay Find: This Dart-blocked Monte Carlo Is A Hustler, Ready To Go

When I typed “pro street” into the search bar, I was expecting fully tubbed-out fairground cruisers with blowers that with a little tweak here and there, could become something heroic. I did not expect a seriously gold 1970s Monte Carlo to surface that appears to be set up to go hunting with. It’s harder to make a mid-70s GM RWD anything into a sleeper anymore and successfully pull it off, but there’s one way to do it: undervalue your performance. Sure, it looks like it might have a mild big-block or a stout small-block in there. And that is where the trap is set…


Underneath the disco-gold exterior and the rough-yet-functional interior is a setup from heaven. A Dart 496ci big block, rated to 700hp, is the power source. The engine’s breakdown is like a Christmas miracle: Pro-1 heads, custom Comp Cams billet cam and valve train, forged and internally balanced bottom end, ARP everything. That’s hooked to a built-to-kill TH400 with a reverse pattern, transbrake, and a custom BTE converter. Out back, a Moser 9″ packing Motive gears and a Detroit locker put the power down. Wiring is by Painless, and the paint is recent, though it’s been damaged and scraped a little here and there. mc3 mc4

Currently the Monte is sitting on eBay for less than $10K, which is well under what you would need to just get the running gear together. The best part is, tubbing isn’t needed for these big Montes, just a big drag radial. You’d be hard pressed to go from zero to winner faster than picking up this gold brick.

eBay link: 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo


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6 thoughts on “Ebay Find: This Dart-blocked Monte Carlo Is A Hustler, Ready To Go

  1. Gary Smrtic

    I’d buy it just for the super rare cowl induction scoop. You just don’t see those anymore today…

  2. Nick D.

    I just wish it was an earlier model without the stacked headlight front end. Other than that, this car is sweeeeet. Digging the gold paint

  3. SSLance

    Baseball bat dents? Maybe from unimpressed victim? Love the body style of these land barges, the hood goes on forever…

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