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Springtime Green: It’s Not Everyday A 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 Pops Up!

Springtime Green: It’s Not Everyday A 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 Pops Up!

Let’s see here: the trees are budding out, the grass is starting to get tall enough to mow, the dandelions are bringing some kind of color to the yard, and I got my first bit of pulse-racing from a newly-woke red paper wasp. Yep, spring is officially present and accounted for, alright! It’s the time of year where green things randomly popping up is a good thing. The shoots of flowers, the buds of trees that will become leaves, leprechauns serving green beer…oops, that day has already passed…it all is good news for those who detest winter and everything about it. But it isn’t everyday that a big-block Chevelle in green pops up, is it?

It really isn’t worth bemoaning the 1973 GM A-body line. Love or hate the styling, you still had an option to go purchase a big-block, four-speed car that could run, and it handled so much better than the car it proceeded, too. This 1973 Chevelle Super Sport is such a beast: 245 SAE-rated horsepower (the bigger reason for lower numbers than the early emissions add-ons), an M-22 four-speed, those sweet swivel-buckets, a full instrument package with a tach instead of the funky little economy gauge, and some clean-up touches performed by the seller, including small rust repairs and the replacement of the original package tray with the same material.

Forget the rainbow, pot o’ gold quips or any of that. In Dark Green Poly and silver, this Chevelle looks better than new and there is nothing about this car that makes us think we couldn’t get in, twist the key and get to moving wherever in the country we wanted to go. She’s a beauty, alright.

eBay Link: 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport 454

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16 thoughts on “Springtime Green: It’s Not Everyday A 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 Pops Up!

  1. jerry z

    If this had the later model Laguna front nose, it would be perfect. I prefer the Grand Am with the 400/4 spd over the Chevelle though, especially in the 4 door version!

  2. Rob Randall

    A few mods. Save the heads but put some aluminum heads change the cam and a cool fun car to play with that no else is likely to have..cool car…bumpers stuck is all….

  3. bob

    Ugly when new and still ugly. I’m with Jerry’ if you need a ‘ 73, the Grand Am was the car.

  4. drivindadsdodge

    3 pedals swivel buckets big block 3.42 gears no A/C
    someone knew what boxes they were checking when this one was built !
    bidding up to 19 k which is beyond what I would have thought it could go
    perfect driver … only change I would make would be Aluminum Heads ,Roller Cam and a Holley Sniper FI and drive the hell out of it

  5. Jeff James

    03 Nissan Maxima is way to go. 213 cubic inch motor w/260 h.p. and 147 mph top end! Easy simple basic performance mods are cheap too to increase performance such as cold air intake, smooth flow exhaust and chip in the ECM unit or put in a twin turbo! I blew up a 08 Dodge hemi magnun off the line with mine simply stock. These Maxima’s were very advanced for their time. I had 2 of them and won’t hesitate to buy another at fair price. Gas mileage is great too if you don’t stand on it. I was getting around 22 city and 28 highway with both of mine. Best cars I ever owned!

  6. Scott Liggett

    The purist 66-70 or nothing Chevelle types hate this era. Most of which will never own one. Yet even with a big block, this car will run circles around those years. They suck for handling and stopping. This car is two inches of engine set back to be a mid engine car.

    Don’t like the big bumpers, modify them, or put a Laguna front end on it.

    I love this particular one because whomever ordered this new absolutely knew what boxes to check. 454, 4 spd, no AC, 3.42 gears, buckets and console. And, it is not pea green like most of them in 1973

  7. jlex

    Had a \’73 pea-green 4 door Malibu when I was in medical school. Didn\’t have to worry about anybody in Philadelphia stealing it. But was it FAST. It could pass anything on the road (except a gas station).

  8. Chris In Australia

    Tuck the bumpers. When you think about it the bumpers on this are no larger than a 70-72. They stick out a lot more, but in depth there’s not much in it.

  9. 62959

    Dont know what the top bid was, but I like the car. Day 2 mods all I would do. Keeping the original parts. At least they didn\’t put stripes on the hood like too many people do.

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