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Cool or Not: A Chrysler Cordoba Made to Look Like a Superbird!

Cool or Not: A Chrysler Cordoba Made to Look Like a Superbird!

After seeing these photos posted on the BangShift forums by member Remy-Z we had to get them in front of the BangShift readership and get your collective opinion. In the interest of full disclosure, we don’t actually hate this thing and there are parts of it, we kinda like. Sure it takes some courage to admit that, but frankly, we’ve seen lots worse stuff done to cars before (see the Caballista Corvette).

Maybe because the Chrysler Cordoba is not a car anyone should fear hacking up or mangling in any way or maybe because the nose appears to have been pretty well made and fitted to the car, we’re not drawn to fits of mocking laughter. If the car is still powered by a Lean Burn 318 or bone stock, 150hp, 1970s suck bag 360ci engine our opinion will start to skew more toward the fail side of the equation, but if there is a 440 under the hood and it can melt tires, we’d roll in this thing with an upturned middle finger to anyone who wanted to laugh.

The thing that kind of shocks us about the car is how the windshield rake looks pretty close to that of a Charger Daytona or Superbird. The squared off roofline is not all that pleasing to the eye but trying to work sail panels onto it would really look freaky and bad. Call us total neanderthals, but if this car were sitting down in a Pro Street stance with big and littles, perhaps an iron lung and bird catcher blasting through the hood, and jet black paint it would really seal the deal on coolness.

So what say you BangShift nation? Is this oddball cool or not?

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26 thoughts on “Cool or Not: A Chrysler Cordoba Made to Look Like a Superbird!

  1. Remy-Z

    I was discussing this with a friend of mine last night…ditch the aftermarket foglamps for a flip-up headlight system, put some kind of grille in, and from where I’m sitting, level the top of the wing with the roofline, and it actually could be a decent-looking car. Add a good motor, and it might actually be kind of cool.

  2. bkbridges

    Its \\”interesting\\”… Kinda looses the whole \\”aero\\” mission with the nose up suspension stance. The headights bother me as do the whitewalls.

  3. BBR

    Give it a nose job, paint it, correct the nose high stance, and put some decent wheels and rubber under it and it might be acceptable.

  4. Matt Cramer

    It’s an interesting what if – almost looks like some sort of bizarre factory rival to the screaming chicken Firebirds of the same era. I kind of like it.

  5. Mr.Harder

    I don’t know what you guys are drinking, but I’m definitely NOT sippin the kool-aid on this one……..seriously……I could get on the wagon if it was a stripped down FACTORY bodied Cordoba with a nasty 440 (think super stocker with steel wheels and no back seat)..

    1. Remy-Z

      That is a 98% factory body, a ’80-’83 J-car Cordoba. And I’ll agree, in NASCAR superspeedway or short-tracker form, it’s a LOT easier to digest.

  6. Doc

    My grand mother used to say something was “special” when she didn’t like it but didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings… I’m rude and I don’t care about peoples feelings, it’s ugly!

  7. Tedly

    There are a lot of things wrong with this car, but there are some interesting ideas. Yeah it’s uglier then death sucking a lemon as it sits, but with some tweaking I think I could be into it. Better stance, NASCAR steelies without the friggin whitewalls, rework the nose a bit, the wing isn’t really fitting but I think it could be made to, smooth over the opening for the rear quarter windows, paint it one solid color with maybe the bumblebee stripe on the ass, take off most of the chrome trim, smooth the door handles…

  8. ka67_72

    I’d widen those rear wheels, add some drag radials, give it a nice rake, and a turbo motor. Then go out and get the last laugh.


  9. Kid Cadillac (Alan Stroh)

    I have always thought this body style would look amazing as a Pro Touring kind of car…that boxy look similar to 60’s gm models…toss in a few suspension upgrades, big brakes and hoops, peel away some glitz and stuff a tri-power 340 under the hood.

    That being said, as a NASCAR wanna-be, I’d rate this car as a 4 out of 10 (due to the apparent quality of the work) with a max possible of a 7 out of 10 with the proper re-working (stance, nose, wing height, rolling stock).

  10. convss

    Butt-ugly as it sits, but it could be MUCH better! The nose piece appears to be fit pretty well, but I\\\’d change the paint( a nice Petty Blue might be appropriate ), get the stance lower, NASCAR wheels and PLEASE NO WHITEWALLS! A nice healthy motor would also be in order!

  11. KJ

    Interesting; add NASCAR steelies, solid color paint, louvers over the 1/4 windows(need 2 see out), lower the nose, the wing is OK as is(need access to trunk), and of course LOSE THE WHITEWALLS

  12. Tim

    First of all why anyone would have spent the time and money to do this is beyond me. They took an already ill-conceived Chrysler styling exercise and made it worse. Looks like somebody’s nightmare. The headlights are too small for the rest of the front end and should have been pop-ups like the original. The wing looks too small for the rest of the car (i.e: The size from front to back not so much the height). The original cars wing was quite large/high. I have to say as well that the quality of the modifications look quite good compared to an original Superbird which had a huge gap filled with rubber gasket to integrate the front end. Makes me want to scratch my eyes out.

  13. MichaelB

    Well if they can do that to a cordoba, there’s hope for my 1st gen Rx-7, I’ve already got the pointy nose, all I need is the wing.

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