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How Would You Build This Australian 1982 Ford LTD? Legroom For Days In This Beauty!

How Would You Build This Australian 1982 Ford LTD? Legroom For Days In This Beauty!

Yes, my Australian car infatuation is doing just fine, thanks for asking. And it’s flared up again pretty good, because thanks to Malaise Motors on Facebook, I now have a flash craving for a 1982 Ford LTD. No, not Panther platform, an Aussie-sourced sedan that is sitting in Florida without an engine or transmission, just waiting to be re-powered and up for grabs at an even five thousand dollars. The intrigue is very high, because to have an Aussie car in the States, titled, and ready to rock isn’t an everyday occurrence. Normally, you wouldn’t be looking at an FC-code LTD but instead some sort of Falcon that a Mad Max fan had imported. So what makes this LTD worth a look?

Really, once you get past the RHD freak factor and the whole Australian thing, the only other notable item I can locate is that this was the last year for the 351 Cleveland in the model lineup. For the next generation LTD (and it’s lower-spec twin, the Fairlane) the only engine was the 302 and it was axed in short order, following Ford Australia’s plan of deleting the V8 from the lineup for the 1980s. Overall, the design feels very 1980s Ford, with some elements of Fairmont creeping into the vibe, but it’s not a carbon-copy of anything made in the States by a wide mile. Look at the steering wheel if you need a reminder. And look one more time before that puppy hits the bin for anything better. But also, look at the rear legroom. This is a potential muscle sedan that could easily cruise with plenty of folk riding along!

If it were me, I’d stuff that 302 and 4R70W I yanked from the Explorer immediately into this car, no questions asked, and would drive the hell out of it with no other changes made…I’d even keep the Appliance wheels! What would you do?

Facebook Link: 1982 Ford (Australia) FC LTD

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4 thoughts on “How Would You Build This Australian 1982 Ford LTD? Legroom For Days In This Beauty!

  1. john t

    yep always had a soft spot for the Aussie LTD’s and Fairlanes. I just picked up a Fairlane Ghia, 92 model NC that is sweet as, everything works perfectly in it, for just over a grand with rego. It is such a sweetie to drive! perfect stablemate for my XB coupe when I need more seats… Its a nice body style too ( google it) – come to that, it’d be nice if we could add pictures to our comments on here…

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