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It’s Built, It’s Bad, And It’s On Ebay: A Nine-Second 1971 Pinto With Teeth

It’s Built, It’s Bad, And It’s On Ebay: A Nine-Second 1971 Pinto With Teeth

Silly me for thinking that a pinto was a patterned horse. In this case, this 1971 Ford Pinto is really a little monster, ready to take on all comers with a mouth filled with pointy teeth and an attitude complex not seen since Napoleon Bonaparte escaped the island of Elba. We’ve seen V8-swap Pintos before, but this thing looks like a Johnny Lightning toy come to life crossed with Bob Glidden’s Pro Stock Pinto.

angry pinto 2

From the listing: first year pinto 1971 all steel car .runs and drives great .car was built three years ago .body has some little chips in paint from driving it to shows but still looks great  it has wildwood 4wheel disk breaks no power breaks. rack and pinion steering ,car is all custom. body has been tubed .351 Windsor v8 victor junior heads roller cam and rockers .850,holly carb. steel crank .keith black pistons and rods ,all arp bolts .c4 trans with 3500 stall converter ,trans break race clutches all pro built carbon fiber scatter shield ,custom 4 core radiator. and trans radiator with electric fans ,ford 9 inch rear end with 411 gears and aftermarket rear rotor breaks, all new tires and rims plus rear slicks and rims comes with car .dual battery in rear and a 12 gallon fuel cell in rear. electric fuel pump holly blue , new custom drive shaft. custom headers and full length exhaust with push button  open header dumps , 6 point adjustable ladder bar suspension  with adjustable rear shocks , wheelie bars adjustable .msd electrical system . NOS system 100 hp shot .6 point roll cage .5 point racing harness .this is a street driven race car turn signals and break lights all work . all glass car and windows roll up and down. car went to the track and I made 3 passes best time was a 9;90 in the quarter mile and it will lift the front tires.

Sounds like fun to us! It’s currently sitting (at time of writing) on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $15,000. Surely someone out there has a use for this little monster…

eBay Link: 1971 Ford Pinto

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13 thoughts on “It’s Built, It’s Bad, And It’s On Ebay: A Nine-Second 1971 Pinto With Teeth

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Sorry lads – but this is a hunka ugly shit!

    Bad wheel/tyre combo wildy out of proportion, ugly fake blower scoop and that hideous toothy grill – but the paint and finish are superb.

    Why anyone with obvious skills in bodywork and finish would create this monster is beyond me….

    1. roger

      Why? Why not? Different strokes for different folks! Life would suck if everyone had the same tastes!

    1. mooseface

      Same. I adore this car, except for its bits of hyperbole.
      I also love the idea of a hot Pinto, they’re great cars to play with.

  2. Nick D.

    Front wheels need to be 2-3″ smaller in diameter. Teeth need to go. And I can’t stand bug catcher scoops that A) aren’t actual injection units and B) atop a Roots lung.

  3. jerry z

    Yes ditch the J.C. Nitwit scoop, stupid toothy grin, and big wheels, then it would be a perfect car.

  4. Sumgai

    I’m not buying anything from a seller that doesn’t have a firm grasp on spelling and grammar.

    1. Russell

      When did grammar and spelling become a prerequisite to building hot rods? The people I ask for help writing a resume and working on a car are not the same.

      1. Sumgai

        You can buy cars however you want. I don’t want someone’s project if there’s anything in life that they half-ass.

        1. Russell

          No car has gone through life without someone who is not perfect touching them. You better stick to riding livestock bareback. You never know about the saddler.

  5. Danny

    Running a 9.90 will need more than a 6 point roll bar if the track has any kind of tech inspection. It looks more like an old school Pro Street that was never meant to see the track. Lifts the front wheels? Many 12 second cars can do that.

  6. Braktrcr

    9.90 on the bottle ok, so probably 10.90 off? That is fast, and blindingly fast on the street. Definitely would be a fun Ford. Is the Windsor the motor of choice? I thought it was usually the Cleveland.
    Have to agree the chrome rims both front and back have to go, and the teeth…. you used to see stuff like that on some gassers back in the day. Might work on a 55 Chevy with an I beam, but not on this car.

  7. Mary

    Wow this is badass car for sure. I\’m not expert in cars but isn\’t 15K a lot even for such cool vehicle? But you can be sure that cheap turns out to be expensive sometimes. Same rule applies for almost any thing in our life. Grab My Essay writing services provide professional help and you get results you are expecting for!

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