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Just Gone: M2K Motorsports’ Ford GT Runs 300.4 MPH At The Texas Mile

Just Gone: M2K Motorsports’ Ford GT Runs 300.4 MPH At The Texas Mile

You want to know what a truly fast street car looks like? Meet your current goal: a 2006 Ford GT that is ran by M2K Motorsports. At the Texas Mile, the Gulf-colored GT trapped out the mile at 300.4 miles per hour. To put into perspective, Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Hennessey have all been beaten at their own game by a Ford…a Ford…that exchanged it’s blower for a pair of turbochargers and has gained a drinking problem, running on methanol. It’s still the stock block, even. The horsepower level is a guess at best, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 horsepower, and yes, it is street legal. It can turn out of the gate and drive up the highway at any point in time. Now that’s absolutely mental.

What’s even more messed-up is the way the run is broken up into quarters. The six-speed GT clips the quarter-mile at 174.5 miles per hour, which puts the GT into the upper-seven second area. At half-track the GT has thirty-five MPH over a stock example’s factory rating, which was 205 MPH.

Anybody else want to try for that number? Maybe beat it?

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8 thoughts on “Just Gone: M2K Motorsports’ Ford GT Runs 300.4 MPH At The Texas Mile

  1. Brian Vercellino

    Seeing it in person was amazing along with dozens of 200 mph cars and bikes. What they are not telling you is Friday night the motor was pulled out to replace a hydraulic clutch throw out bearing. Saturday morning…..it was put back together.

    Good for M2K Team .

  2. KCR

    I am not a Ford fan.But that is cool as all hell. Take that $2mill. “supercars” .And on a sock block,wow. Way to go .And still street legal .Very cool.

  3. Chaun Benfield

    AWESOME, any way you look at it. Congratulations to the team on a well deserved record. WOW!

  4. RK - no relation

    Still my favourite super car. More modern than the sixties original version and more hot rod than the current version. The best Ford GT!

  5. Mike Bradford

    To me what was equally impressive was the lack of body mods, a tribute to the excellent job Ford did in it’s initial build of this body. It looks like at least 200mph sitting still…Good job guys!!!

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