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Morning Symphony: Blue Oval Bark With A Slight Aussie Accent!

Morning Symphony: Blue Oval Bark With A Slight Aussie Accent!

Monday mornings are the worst. You had a great weekend. You got some stuff done around the house, found some time to screw off, and got to rest a bit…or, at least, we hope you did. But it’s the first day of the week. Time to get up early and drag yourself into the rat race. At least we can do our best to get your day up and moving the right way. No, we aren’t talking about that first cup of coffee that should be a Schedule II substance, the way you brew it. No, we’re here to provide the soundtrack to kick your day off, and we promise from the get-go, the noise that red Shelby makes will have you up and going faster than any cup o’ joe ever will.

In Australia, Ford has legions of fans. Forget the whole Holden v. Ford rivalry and just look at the offerings. Ford took the Falcon from America, then made it their own and knocked the Supercar look out of the park. Falcons here, Falcons there, a GT-HO and a Fairmont and a Pursuit ute just for the hell of it too. And yes, plenty of imported Mustangs because Aussies love a good V8. If you bleed Ford blue, this one’s for you.

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4 thoughts on “Morning Symphony: Blue Oval Bark With A Slight Aussie Accent!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I bleed black and white, which is the colours of my beloved Newcastle United soccer team. But I loved the video…

  2. crazy canuck

    aussies had all the hardcore ford stuff when good blocks were hard to find for 351 c aussies had em 2v closed chamber heads they had em . the black block I have in the car now is 15 lbs heavier than US blocks and the cyl walls sonic tested way thicker .

  3. Geordie Hatin' Mad Chevy

    Newcastle, wankers one and all.

    Like their biggest fan on here, follow their forums instead of this one, ok fanboy?

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