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Question Of The Day: Real Or Fake? You Make The Call On This Mangled Craigslist Mustang

Question Of The Day: Real Or Fake? You Make The Call On This Mangled Craigslist Mustang

Ok, readers, I need your opinion in regards to what is supposed to be a 2007 Ford Mustang. Am I off of my rocker for thinking that this is a joke and a severely Photoshopped car, or is this a realistic possibility? Because if it is, someone out in California needs an eye exam and a psychiatric evaluation. This isn’t pretty. This isn’t functional. This is the kind of horrifying custom that can make a skilled body guy throw down his tools in disgust. I’m not sure what kind of substance was taken that morphed a Mustang into the car you see here, but coming from someone who has a taste for absinthe and other alcohols, it has to be much stronger than that.

Mustang 2

From the ad: “2007 Ford Mustang with HAND FORMED STEEL BODY, except for the door skins and roof. Hand formed grille, 2008 Lotus Eliese headlights and 1989 Cadilac tail lights. Electric front tilt hood. Remote door latches. A Vortech V-3 supercharger. $24,500.”

I want to believe that this is a sick joke, I really do, but something tells me that this is legit. What say you?

Craigslist Link: 2007 Ford Mustang

Mustang 3

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19 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: Real Or Fake? You Make The Call On This Mangled Craigslist Mustang

  1. Matt Cramer

    Real… because I’ve seen it photographed from other angles on a previous ad. Can’t remember if it was here or on GRM, but that is not the first time I’ve seen this abomination.

  2. jerry z

    $24K?!? He’ll be lucky to $24 for burning retina, soul sucking, starfish poking car!

    Then again it is a Mustang.


    This thing has made its rounds on the net fro a while now. The guy is batshit crazy to ask that much. Reminds me of a guy in my hometown that would butcher cars like this…terrible, terrible builds….no accounting for taste

  4. Appleseed

    Honestly, the metalwork is amazing. The execution is abysmal, but the craftsmanship is excellent. If only used it for good instead of evil.

  5. RK

    Looks real. I must be off my rocker, cos I sorta like the fins! But it is a waste of a Mustang. And that front! If my dog had a face like that I’d shave his ass and make him walk backwards

  6. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Call up this sick deluded idiot and say you want to buy the car. Meet up with him and whip out the chainsaw you happened to bring with you and cut his hands off so he can never inflict such torture on a Ford again!


    Remember the ‘Bat Boy’ from Weekly World News, whose face and sharp fangs were on the cover of the “paper” whenever you were standing in the grocery store line?

    This is his ride.

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