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This 1969 Fury Is Cool For All Of The Wrong Reasons

This 1969 Fury Is Cool For All Of The Wrong Reasons

In 1969, the Plymouth Fury did two things very well: It made for a badass cop car alongside it’s Dodge Polara twin, and it was the kind of car Dad bought if he was a Mopar guy and wanted to get a big highway cruiser cheaper than a Newport or New Yorker. Plymouth had always held on as the value brand at Chrysler, but the Fury, which had been a top-of-the-line trim package ever since it’s debut in 1956, had been segregated into three lines by 1969: Fury I, the fleet/stripped car, Fury II, the midpack, and Fury III, the high-end car.

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This particular 1969 Fury III is about as stripped as it got. Ordered as a two-door hardtop, this Fury is packing a Slant Six and a three-on-the-tree. It doesn’t get any more basic than that, folks. The car appears to just be a bit dusty but complete and unrestored. Since nothing appears to be missing from the engine bay, I’ll assume that the Slant Six starts and runs just fine. The body and interior look great for a 45-year-old car with 129,000-ish miles on the clock, and just about everything appears to be in place (I’ll assume that a hubcap or two are in the trunk.)


It’s an oddly-optioned car, but it’s unique and well preserved. $4200 and it could be yours!

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16 thoughts on “This 1969 Fury Is Cool For All Of The Wrong Reasons


    The Fury was not a trim package…. there were trim packages for the Fury line that gave you the down and dirty basics like Fury I to all the bells and whistles like the VIP and the Sport versions since 1965.

  2. Tedly

    I know the full size yachts of this era came with inline sixes from the factory, it still amazes me to see that dinky motor in there though.

  3. pontiac drag racer

    Slant 6 power for a 4,400 pound car? Even grandma would thank that’s slow!

    Funny thing though, the big GM cars up to 1970 like a Catalina, came with a 3 on the tree standard, even with a 455. The automatic was an option. Good luck getting clutch parts for either car.

    1. pontiac drag racer

      “As in past years, a three-speed manual transmission with column shift was standard equipment, but most cars were equipped with the optional three-speed Turbo Hydramatic.” Pontiac big cars in 1970. From Wikipedia……

  4. Scott Liggett

    Talk about rare. Who orders a land yacht like a Fury, then gets the teeny leaning tower of power that could barely move a Valiant?

    Me, I would build a 440 based stroker. Put a 440+6 induction on it, dump the three speed for one with one more gear and have me the only 440+6 ’69 Fury!!

  5. Dodgzilla

    As much as I think having a manual tranny with a stroker big block in this car would make the ultimate street bruiser. I also think that there are only about none of these left so I think this car should be preserved for the sake of rarity. For the same reason we all understand that a one of one Hemi car gets restored the same should be true for something as odd as this.

  6. Mark Churchill

    I own a 69 Plymouth Sport Fury.It has a 318 4bbl Twin turbo with a 518 overdrive.Love it.Cruises like a Cady and gets 20 mpg if i keep my foot out of it.hard to do.Turbos give it a nice passing gear too.

  7. Shelty

    pretty cool.

    could have been a company car, government or a rental car I wouldnt see a company, or a local or city government shelling out big bucks for options.

    would be fun to use as a grocery getter. all it needs is a bath and a tuneup. I wouldnt change a thing otherwise

  8. crazy canuck

    pulled a 383 out of a fury and swapped it into my dart with the help of my dads shop mechanic. dad could never figure out how that dart got so violent . used elephant ear style mounts.

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