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Exorcising The Demon: Pennzoil Cuts Dodge’s Monster Loose In Philadelphia

Exorcising The Demon: Pennzoil Cuts Dodge’s Monster Loose In Philadelphia

Pennzoil’s series of mini-movies involving a hired wheelman and some sort of yellow four-wheeled dream machine hasn’t ended yet. They’ve paid homage to the Hellcat Challenger and the Viper, and now, the mysterious man in black has another special tasking: the Dodge SRT Demon, the car so straight-up blunt that it’s amazing that anybody can review the car without having to censor out expletives. Even sitting still, parked next to a Hellcat, the Demon comes off as just that much more. From the flares to the wider rolling stock, it’s as stark a comparison as a Hellcat is to a Challenger SRT. And you want to see one in action, and not just popping the wheels up at a dragstrip. You want to see a Demon doing every kind of drift, slide and every other felonious form of driving your heart desires. Since there’s a limited number of these machines and the cost is a bit up there, the fine folks at Pennzoil cut one loose for you to see and hear. It’s the closest thing you can get to having the red key, the Demon PCM, a tank full of race fuel and empty streets.

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3 thoughts on “Exorcising The Demon: Pennzoil Cuts Dodge’s Monster Loose In Philadelphia

  1. 69rrboy

    I know it’s just a commercial so I shouldn’t care but……

    Was this shot by the same clown that did all the “Slow and the Ludicrous” movies? Just judging by the “let’s start a drag race by suddenly doing a burnout cuz that’ll work” scene or my other favorite “let’s be in the middle of a burnout and then happen to be able to pull a 10 foot wheel stand” because all of these are completely possible things in the real world right? Idiots!!!

    Two things would happen to that car with those tires on in the rain. Either it wouldn’t move at all when you touched the gas or if you happened to be at speed when it started raining you’d impale the car into a building all the way up to the gas cap.

    Smoking tires and driving fast are some of my favorite things but only in the right places and right times. All these commercials do is re-assure the typical tree hugging moron watching it that ALL the people who own cars like this and those old loud cars drive like complete imbosiles and they’ve been right all along. Just my 2 cents.

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