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Extra Crispy: Anybody Interested In Some Roasted Superbird?

Extra Crispy: Anybody Interested In Some Roasted Superbird?

Chances are good that if you’re a die-hard, dyed in the wool Mopar geek, that you’re looking at that picture and are screaming to yourself in utter agony. That is…was…a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird, the last of the unchained production Wing Cars from Mopar, the last of the Aero Cars to make it to production, and one of the wildest production vehicles to ever be unleashed, period. With a gigantic beak bolted to the front and a tall wing attached to the back, the Superbird was not to be missed. While the 1,920 street cars didn’t really sell at the time (psst…hey, kid…want a Road Runner with rhinoplasty and a shopping cart wing?) they’ve since become iconic collector cars, the most unhinged moment from Mother Mopar during a time when even Buick cut loose…and that’s saying something right there.

Unfortunately, not even eleven herbs and spices is going to ease the pain of seeing this Superbird in it’s current state. Whatever fire this Plymouth found itself in was Hell on earth…there isn’t anything left that would be considered salvageable. The fiberglass wing is straight-up gone, the roof is crushed down, even the window plug, the reason why every Superbird sports a black vinyl roof, appears to have been tweaked. Realistically, there isn’t much left to do with this 440-6/4-speed machine but to play “Taps” before sending it on it’s way…right?

Never, ever underestimate the power of rabid fandom. As of press time, the current bid on this CrispyBird is now at $8,800. I just want to put that into perspective for you: That’s almost two thousand dollars HIGHER than the current NADA value of the Angry Grandpa Chrysler 300C! Ye gods…

Copart Link: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

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12 thoughts on “Extra Crispy: Anybody Interested In Some Roasted Superbird?

  1. Bill Butte

    That kid on yoo-tube paid over 5k for an equally toasted Hellcat. Do these people know something I don’t? The ‘ultimate patina’ ratty rod, perhaps?!

  2. Steve

    Sad to see a car like that! Especially a wing car!

    I wonder if they are they paying for the bragging rights to say, “Yeah, I got a 1970 440 4 speed Roadrunner Superbird in the garage!” ha ha ha.

  3. Matt Cramer

    I want to do the bare minimum to get the roof back in shape and get it running, and then drive around with it while wearing a Joe Dirt wig.

    Good thing I don’t have the money for that.

  4. Whelk

    One of the aftermarket sheetmetal companies could make this a showcase for all the replacement parts they have available. I think I read somewhere that Jonathan Ward established that all you must retain is the original firewall to keep the vin as the same car legally.

  5. claymore

    Yea right get the vin and build a new car using it as it’s own. AND THEN have it confiscated and crushed. People forget, are stupid, or don’t know, EVERY late model vehicle (including this one) have many HIDDEN VINs stamped all over the vehicle.

    Try to sell it and the potential owner, or his evaluator, is smart and WHOOPS finds the CORRECT hidden vin. BYE BYE MONEY INVESTED AND CAR.

    Doesn’t everybody spouting this nonsense remember the giant scandal involving a well known builder doing the old Vin switcheroo.

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