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Low Life: This Lowered 1977 Dodge Aspen Wagon Has Potential Written All Over It!

Low Life: This Lowered 1977 Dodge Aspen Wagon Has Potential Written All Over It!

Two things caught our eye when we found this 1977 Dodge Aspen wagon: one was it’s slammed but stock appearance, and the other was the seller’s references to “Elvis’s Last Sandwich”. We don’t know what exactly was the last sandwich that Presley ate before he called it a day, but we do know that he kicked the bucket in 1977, and that his favorite sandwich was a combination of peanut butter, banana slices and bacon on toasted bread. It’s not exactly an inappropriate connection, either, since the Aspen’s rushed introduction in 1976 almost put Chrysler Corporation in the dirt.

Ignoring any other reference to the master of making young women faint with a shake of the hips, there is something about this Aspen that is actually kind of striking, but for the life of us, we aren’t quite grasping why that is. The paint is neat, sure. The California blue plate is a nice touch as well. But in the end, this is a 1977 Aspen, complete with a dead-stock 318, automatic, on skinny tires and hubcaps, with faded interior parts and some clear coat peel. Not even Mopar freaks are big on these lowly F-bodies, but for some reason this station wagon is drawing us in. We will leave it to you, readers: are you seeing it too, or are we getting a bit delusional?

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7 thoughts on “Low Life: This Lowered 1977 Dodge Aspen Wagon Has Potential Written All Over It!

  1. David Sanborn

    Prosthetic limb beige, tan, brown and sepia. Somehow I still like this sled, but then I was the recent owner of a ’71 Country Squire so I’m biased. Also: zero rust. Unlike the Squire, there’s no clever tailgate on this one that can flip down or open sideways and I don’t see A/C, a life-saving necessity here on the East Coast.

    Anyone care to chime in whether a 318 is worth massaging?

    1. Matt Cramer

      Yeah, the 318 can make decent power; it’ll respond to pretty much the same way as de-smogging any other Detroit V8. Mopar didn’t really damage their cylinder head design in the name of better emissions, either, so it’s mostly going to take a cam and breathing mods to wake it up.

      And, yeah, the stance somehow gives this Aspen a completely different aspect and I’m not sure how I can explain it.

  2. Shawn Fox Firth

    I’v reached an age where Aspens and Volares are spoken in the same sentence as ‘Has potential written all over it ‘ , used to be you could pick em up for fifty to hundred bucks and use them as winter cars . . .

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