Money No Object: A Flip-Front, 426 Hemi-Powered Power Wagon!

Money No Object: A Flip-Front, 426 Hemi-Powered Power Wagon!

The 2018 Barrett-Jackson auction is completely full-up. They have maxed out their docket for the Scottsdale, Arizona auction and there are some very neat gems in there that will give the enthusiast and collector something to cheer for. There are also rides that make you wonder how it got on the docket at all, like a bone-stock late 1980s Mazda pickup, but hey…consider that the bargain choice among the beauties that will be crossing the block when things go down starting on January 13th, 2018. We’ve only started pawing through the docket, but there is plenty to drool over, from modified machines to a bone-stock all-black 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi. You know…the usual auction vices.

The last time we looked in this one we found that Fall Guy look-alike Chevy-turned-GMC that probably kept Brian awake for a night or two. Karma was on his side when I went looking today, because if there was ever a truck find tuned straight for me, this 1972 Dodge Power Wagon is it. I love the 1972-1980 D-series pickups…I grew up with them and would own one in half a second. Thanks to a 440-powered 1976 Ramcharger I grew up with, I want one in black and chrome…done. I want one with some grunt under the hood. A 426 Hemi will put a smile on your face, that’s for damn sure. I don’t mind height but I don’t want it to be too high…again, perfection here. The interior is sano with a couple of mild touches, the tailgate and it’s “Rollin’ Thunder” mural is awesome, it’s got the small bumpers, and did I mention tilt nose? Yep, got that too. And best of all, there’s no reserve and it’s highly likely that a lot of the crowd will overlook this one in favor of some of the more obvious high-dollar machines available. 

Rollin’ thunder, from the moment the bid is won to the moment Scottsdale gets waken up by the noise made when an Elephant and a Ram meet. Wait…that sounded bad…

Barrett-Jackson Link: Scottsdale 2018, Lot# 472, 1972 Dodge Power Wagon

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