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Craigslist Find: A VW Beetle With A GM 3800 V6 Hanging Off Of The Back

Craigslist Find: A VW Beetle With A GM 3800 V6 Hanging Off Of The Back

It takes some serious stones to think up an engine swap like this. This 1973 Volkswagen Beetle has been subjected to one of the strangest engine swaps I’ve seen in quite some time, where a GM 3.8L V6, presumably from a FWD application, has been shoved up the VW’s backside as far as it can go. I don’t fault the engine choice at all: the 231ci V6 was a GM staple from the moment it was unveiled in 1962 until production shut down in 2008. I do, however question the motivation behind shoving said V6 into the Beetle. It looks like the forward third of the engine sits outside of where the engine cover would sit, and having the radiator and electric fans sitting where the back window isn’t helping anything out.


From the ad:

73 vw beetle with 3800 needs some work to run and drive but would be a fun project. Needs starter and radiator hoses to run and drive. Has new brakes on back and i have all interior parts including a back window call or text for more info. Clean title 1500 or best offer would consider trades maby a 1911 45. And $500 cash or just let me know what you got

I think I’d like this better if the VW was converted to Baja Bug specs, but that’s just me. What do you think?

Craigslist Link: 1973 VW Beetle with 3800



(Thanks to Ron Ward for the tip!)

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7 thoughts on “Craigslist Find: A VW Beetle With A GM 3800 V6 Hanging Off Of The Back

  1. TJ Martin

    What ? Where the heck you been son ? Folks have been stuffing everything from 911 Flat 6’s to supercharged big block V8’s in the tails of VW Beetles since the beginning of time . Or at least since the first Beetle blew it motor 😉 This swap then ? Tame & Lame in comparison to what’s come before it

  2. Ron Ward

    Making a Baja Bug out of a Super Beetle is a bad decision… The McPherson strut front end is no bueno.

  3. Tedly

    That is a weird choice, never seen that combination before. Certainly not with the radiator on the back window. He must have been really bored.

  4. evil16v

    Naw it’s in perry, about 30 miles away from lawrence. There have been some questionable inventions from that little town. But yes buick 3800 is a huge upgrade. Should have used a supercharged version from a gs or gtp.abothe 50hp and a gob of torque.

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