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Chadmouth: WTF Commercials Edition. Dodge’s New Charger Commercials Rule. But What Was Lincoln Thinking?

Chadmouth: WTF Commercials Edition. Dodge’s New Charger Commercials Rule. But What Was Lincoln Thinking?

While I normally use the fast forward button on my DVR whenever possible, I do enjoy certain commercials for their entertainment value or because they are for something I care about. Such is the case with car commercials. The thing about enjoying car commercials is the fact that for every one that entertains or impresses me, there are  at least 10 times that many that just make me scratch my head or ask, WTF were they thinking? Such is the case with the new Charger commercials from Dodge and the new Lincoln MKC commercials that feature Mathew McConaughey, respectively. I’m not sure who it is at Dodge that has a hard on for Volkswagens, but I love that guy. On the other hand, the guy… errr girl?, who decided Mathey McConaughey was the dude for the new Lincoln MKC, should rent one of his movies and put new batteries in the personal massager and leave the commercials to someone else.


There are two great Dodge Charger commercials out right now, and the fact that both pick on the Volkswagen Passat makes me laugh. Passat means “trade wind” in German, and is also the name of some famous, and historic, sailing ship. Considering the historic tendency to refer to a big, slow, and inefficient car as a “boat”, I’m not sure this is the wisest name ever. But in Volkswagen’s defense most people on the planet have no clue that this is one of the meanings or Passat, nor do most people have a clue as to what any Volkswagen model’s name means, or how to pronounce it.

But when some group of advertising folks sat down and brainstormed the idea to shoot a sexy, late night commercial, that highlights the power and muscle of the new Dodge Charger, and while sitting menacingly at the stop light, talking about the available 470 horsepower, makes fun of the Volkswagen Passat, I’m in. And I don’t even like Dodge Chargers! Seriously? 4 doors? On a Charger? Not cool. But the commercials rule, and if someone can convince their spouse that they need one, and that it’s practical because of the 4 doors, then I’m going to support that person’s drive to have something that tries it’s best to be a muscle car, 4 doors or not.

What I’d really like to know is what went down at a conference somewhere, or who on the advertising or Charger design team was fired from Volkswagen, because they have  a serious hard on for the Passat. I say if you are going to be angry, own it, and they certainly do.

What do you think of these two commercials? I say the only thing missing is a big burnout. Call us next time Dodge, I can handle that for you.


I’m a Mathey McConaughey fan. His movies are cool, he’s got great talent, and he’s a stud that instead of being thought of as a freak for playing bongos in the nude at home, is somehow cool. If Beiber did half the crap McConaughey has done, he’d be even more of a douche than he already is. Chicks dig Mathey McConaughey and most of them would probably trade their husbands in for him in a heart beat. So how is it that Lincoln’s ad agency took a guy this good, and screwed up the ads featuring him, this bad. I look at the Lincoln MKC and think, this is a little SUV that soccer mom’s should drive, or guys who belong to the country club and don’t know how to drive a real SUV. I could be wrong.

The first two of three commercials for the MKC, which you can see below, have some mildly entertaining words but are in no way shape or form reflective of the car. Is it funny that McConaughey is talking to, and about, the bull? Yes, but it would have been much better had he been in a Ford F150, Dodge Ram, or Chevy pickup and had driven across the field to go around the bull. Don’t you think? Sort of a mutual respect kind of thing. And when he talks about the fact that he has been driving Lincolns since before anyone paid him to do so, is a great bit of honesty that people like, no question. In fact that and the incredibly short length make this the best commercial of the three. But the one that just chaps my ass is the final commercial. The one that Lincoln refers to as the “Intro” commercial.

While his voice is soothing, and the message is “good” in that it’s attempting to get folks to think about Lincoln. And don’t get me wrong, I want everyone in America to buy as many American cars as possible. No question, but is this really the right way to use Mathew McConaughey? I realize that Kate Walsh and Sofia Vergara have both been in Cadillac commercials that exploit their sexiness, but both women actually talked about the cars they were in. In these Lincoln commercials, someone told him to speak as slowly and sexy as possible, say nothing about the actual vehicle he’s in, and not to forget to stroke his own fingers as much as possible. WTF is that all about? If I drove like that, Daphne would look at me and ask what the hell I was doing.

If the commercial was longer, would he start stroking something else? This commercial seems like nothing more than foreplay. He could be talking about eating Sloppy Joes, or cleaning toilets for gods sake. What the hell is going on here? The folks on the ad team who thought this was the point needed to just rent Magic Mike, stock up on Duracell’s, and turn down the lights for some “alone” time.

If you want to impress me into buying a Lincoln, tell me something about the Lincoln. And embrace the history of Lincoln and tie it into these new commercials. There are great commercials for Lincoln that could be utilized. Hell, some of them have even been in the past year.

Mathew McConaughey is good. Lincoln is good. Mathew McConaughey for Lincoln?… not so good.


What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Chadmouth: WTF Commercials Edition. Dodge’s New Charger Commercials Rule. But What Was Lincoln Thinking?

  1. C1BAD66

    The “Don’t touch my Dart” series of ads is becoming more annoying weekly.

    The Caucasian dude should counter by bringing home a Hellcat and see how darkfella reacts…

  2. political anoyance

    The year 2025 is a year that v w was supposed to conquer american auto industry. Lets say not to that battle ship. And who cares about Lincolns id rather have a Cadillac thus far.

  3. BeaverMartin

    The Dodge commercials have a much more “American” flavor. My wife had a 06 Passat and it would hold 140 on the autobahn between Baumholder and Ramstein so they’re no slouch. They (Passats) get way better millage, resale value etc but they are definitely not cool. Lincoln needs to hire the entire playboy roster to sell those thinly guised Fords.

  4. Anthony

    Love the Charger commercial. Love that it beats up on the VW, The Lincoln commercial is awful. That dude would never buy that little turd of a car in real life. Give the guy a Mark III or LSC .

  5. bernie Q

    Different demographic of buyers entirely. Lincoln cant do pop art gag commercials because it will sail what’s left of it’s reputation down the stream.

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