Craigslist Chronicles: Who Do I Have To Kill To Buy A Truck On Craigslist?!

Craigslist Chronicles: Who Do I Have To Kill To Buy A Truck On Craigslist?!

I’m killing some ass hat before this is over. I mean seriously, how hard is it to shoot photos with your phone, list the features, options, and mileage, and decide on a price? How hard is that? HOW HARD IS THAT?! HOW HARD IS THAT!?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!?! 

I’ve actually gotten so frustrated with a few of them now that I’m actually spending time being a giant pain in the ass just so I can get some enjoyment out of the situation. If you missed my first rant about Craigslist truck purchasing, then CLICK HERE TO READ IT. 

Here is my latest.

So after worrying about hurting a buddies feelings, looking for more info on possible maintenance issues, and finally coming to the decision that I should purchase one particular truck from a friend, I was a day late and it sold. Cause I’m an idiot.

But everything happens for a reason, so I’ll keep shopping and looking at the other options I have in my back pocket as well. One particular truck that just keeps tugging at me is a 1990’s Crew Cab Dually, bagged, and clean. Interior is described as almost new looking, suspension is supposedly done right, and it has just over 100k miles on the 6.5 L Turbo Diesel under the hood. And it’s only $4000. Why? Well, it has an electrical issue in the harness from the firewall to the engine so it doesn’t currently run. Now I don’t want, nor need, a project but this one is enticing because the price is right enough that I can pay Eric at Westech Performance Group to either repair or replace the harness and then I won’t have to mess with it. OR…because it’s a diesel of a certain age and requires no smog in California, I can throw ANY engine in the entire world in that bitch and nobody will know or care!!! Woot woot! Yeah, this is the hot rodder in me coming out.

So here’s the deal with this particular ad, owner, and truck. The owner put up crappy pics on Craigslist, and enough description to be interesting but not good. Sending text messages back and forth, three weeks ago, led me to know that the truck was being stored at some auto shop in Chino California. I asked for the address to go look at it and was told that he wouldn’t give it to me because he couldn’t meet me there. I said that was fine, all I wanted to do was go look at it, and then we went back and forth before he finally agreed to meet me to look at it one Saturday. And then I never heard from him.

Then today I see he has relisted it. For more money! Because his wife said so apparently. What the hell man. So I send him another text. Here is all the back and forth with this guy. Now I’m going to push him to show it to me whether I want it or not!

Here is the original ad.

Truck has electrical short ,it has air bags lowered ,10 ,switches ,alcoa rims ,6.5 turbo diesel ,4 door ,leather interior , tilt steering tinted windows good truck im just not a diesel machanic



Can you send me more photos of your dually for sale? I live in Rancho Cucamonga, but am in LA through Saturday because my wife is in the hospital.

What is the truck doing? And how was the electrical short diagnosed?

How is the interior in it?

The more photos the better.



The yruck needs elelectrical work has a short in harness ,and injectors need bled ,its as is ,


Thats all i have and truck is a shop it will have to be towed ,but i guarantee the motor and everthibg wiil and does work


What shop is it at?


My daughters on cheerleading team and one of the other parents have a shop thats where


Okay, but what is the address so I can either go by or send someone to look at it?



Can I go see the truck tomorrow afternoon?



No ill be working


When can I come see it then?


Ill text you weekend


Isn’t it at a shop? Can’t I go at least walk around it before then?



No ill be working


Ok. Well I guess I’ll wait for you to send me a message. Will the shop be open on the weekend so I can look at it, and to be able to take it if I buy it?


It would have to towed ,and im keeping stereo ,do you have the cash ,40 ,one hundred dollar bills ?


I know it has to be towed. Yes I have the cash, and what is the stereo that is in it?

I’m sure you have gotten lots of messages on this thing, but lets be real here. There are very few people looking for a dually who will want one that is bagged. Even less people who want a dually that doesn’t run because of an electrical issue. And of those who call dreaming about it, most either have to ask their wife or their mom if they can spend the money. I build air ride equipped vehicles, so I can look and see how nicely this thing was done and fix whatever was done wrong. The electrical is going to cost me some real money to pay one of my guys to figure it out. But, if it is clean then it still might be worth $3000-$4000 for me. I’m the guy that will show up, make a decision, arrange payment, and have it towed away quickly. Nobody else you have talked to can do that. So if you are serious about actually selling it, let me know when I can come look at it and hopefully I haven’t bought something else by then.


Its just a flip screen kenwood ,with navigation and satelite


Then I don’t care about that. What about the speakers, amps, etc?


Ya the whole system ,and yes the suspension was dome right its not all hacked up ,the rear passanger side air bag needs replaced it blew up ,and i just never got around to replacibg it yet ,my next step was to cut a hole in the bed to clear the pumpkin on rear end ,then the truck will sit on the ground ,the electrical short was in the harness and the only thing it wasnt doing was  , not gettibg the glow pugs hot enough to start truck ,i made a harness from junk yard ,and spliced in ,rather than cuttibg any wires ,and it worked ,the truck was running great ,and then one day it stoped gettibg fuel ,so i was in the process of checkibg and clearing fuel lines ,but lime i said i have no where myself to drop tank and check pump in tank and see if the fuel sock is clogged ,i wanted to do that to make sure  the tank was fine ,its sonething fairly simple ,it just takes time and a place where you can make a little mess ,because its diesel fuel , and i live in association and they were!



Sounds good. Then text me when I can come look at it and we’ll go from there.


(1/4) Me to get off street and its to big to fit in driveway ,thats the only reason im selling ,i m not tryi g to sell and burn anybody ,the the truth ,it just

(2/4) takes a little patience to fix the truck ,but who ever does will be happy as hell ,because i know the truck runs great ,its like any car you start        

(3/4) modifying ,its goibg to have little things here and there that go out ,if you do suspensions then you kbow how nuch it cost do do that to that truck ,so

(4/4) my price for truck is a steal ,guarnteed


Good. I’m glad to hear it. How nice is the interior?


It looks new


Great. Okay, hit me up as soon as I can look at it. I’m going to look at another one tomorrow and want to make a decision as soon as I can.

Leather or cloth?




What color? Grey or Tan?




Excellent. Hit me up Friday so we can setup a time for Saturday.



I saw that you relisted the truck, but you never contacted me to come look at it. I was waiting to come look at it remember?


Ive been busy ,my wife wants no less than ,5000 if you have that i will take you to truck ,when are you available ,

(1/3) The truck needs a new wireing harness from firewall ,to all componets in motor ,if yiu want i can call you when im off work if your serious ,and you have

(2/3) ,5000 the truck is well worth it i can tell you exactly what i did and what i think is the problem ,its hard for meto even part with it ,i just dont have

(3/3) place to work on or a place to park   


My budget for a new tow vehicle is well over your asking price. That’s not the issue. You have had it listed for $4000 and now all of a sudden it’s $5000? I’ve been busy too. The last time we exchanged texts and such I had just gotten out of the hospital with my wife who is going through chemo. I’m in the hospital right now with her for three days worth of chemo again. So I know busy.

I was looking for a clean nice truck, not a project, because I have plenty of hot rod and truck projects already and really didn’t want to get into one. The only reason I’m interested in yours is because I like slammed duallys, and because it’s a diesel I can put whatever engine in it I want without worry about smog. The number of people that would be interested in this truck is really really small. I’m a rare one. If it is worth $5000 to me I’ll spend it. If not, then I won’t. And if your wife is the one deciding on the price then she should have listed it in the first place.

Send me a text later when you get off work and then we can get on the phone as long as I’m not in the middle of something at the hospital.


There has been no response yet, so we’ll see what he says tonight, if he calls or sends a text. We’ll see.

Know of someone with a crew cab truck that doesn’t have a jillion miles on it for sale? Either 1500HD, 2500HD, 3500? Dually? Bagged? Lifted? 4×4 lifted is not my first choice, but if it was something special I might think on it. I don’t have a jillion to spend. Call it $13,500. I’m not stuck on a year. I just don’t want a total project. Tweaks are fine, complete build is not. Unless it’s a stocker that’s a really good deal so then I’ll do what I want to it. Email me. Subject: Truck For Sale [email protected]


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14 thoughts on “Craigslist Chronicles: Who Do I Have To Kill To Buy A Truck On Craigslist?!

  1. Mouse

    Be glad all you have done so far is exchange txt. I had a deal done via phone calls, showed up at agreed upon place, date and time to exchange cash for vehicle but no owner there. Waited while his roommate repeatedly tried to contact him. Hour later owner phones back, oh ya he forgot, he sold it to a friend yesterday.

  2. jerry z

    Chad, you have more patience than me! I would have walked away when the seller relisted without notifying you first. What a douche.

  3. Greg Rourke

    What happens when you find out that is not a minor electrical problem? Run, don’t walk away from that one.

    1. Matt Cramer

      I’m guessing the answer is “Duramax swap”, although he may have something more over the top in mind. Chad seems to have been pondering the same question.

  4. 3rd Generation

    Quit whining like a bitch, go see the thing, talk (in person, face-to-face) to the seller and close the deal. Trust Me – you’ll be able to manuever on price when pointing out the flaws to the buyer live.

    Go Big or Go Home.

    Happy New Year and Good Luck with your Family stuff. You guys are doing a very good job here with few exceptions. Thank you for your work in 2016. You guys are under appreciated and pioneers – it’s never easy to be first. Cheers !

    1. David Beard

      Seems like that’s the problem……the seller can’t get his thumb out of his ass to meet Chad where the truck is and potentially make a sale. Talking in person, face to face with someone isn’t so easy to do when they can’t seem to figure out how to meet up with you.

      1. Colin

        Exactly, you can’t see it when the owner isn’t exactly facilitating that. Chad isn’t the one acting like a bitch here.

  5. sbg

    Hmmmm…. so basically something you said or asked him pissed him off and now you’re getting the run around. Suggestion – have someone else get all enthusiastic about his truck, ask to please see it, then go and look at it with the enthusiastic friend. And seriously, do your level best until you’ve made the deal to not let on you’d talked to him before. Once you buy it, then you can be a prick or not…. or ignore my advice and run over the next bicyclist you come across as payback for all that’s wrong in your life… don’t care.

  6. evil16v

    #1 RUN! because..

    #2 Guy is a Flake

    #3 He’s going to gut the interior taking his stereo crap out.

    #4 It’s been screwed with too much, better to get something stock and clean and not running for better reasons than his hackery.

    #5 It’s not worth the $5k or the The $4K unless it’s left more unmolested. think of all the money your going to spend on his BS VS buying unmolested, and do your own “mods” correctly.

    1. evil16v

      also… I would buy at a price you would swap something else into it. you don’t know what it does if doesn’t run. safer to buy at a price that assumes replacing engine. that’s why running and driving adds so much value.

      1. Colin

        Yep, but it at a price that it’s worth the price in parts. It’s probably worth more to him but if it doesn’t run its basically a cool looking paperweight.

  7. Charles Bendig

    Heres what I think:

    Any 6.5L N/A or TD running is $1000 bucks.oonly 100,000 miles and runs good $1,500-2000. The demand outstrips the supply for good engines. Mil-spec engines that were sold off as Condition A resell for $5K+ Class F (scrap) sell at auctions for up to $1,000.

    Likely the guy owed the Shop. The Shop told him until the bill was paid, he was not going to show up and car-sale the thing. I don’t know about CA yet in Ohio when you owe a bill on and refuse to pay, most places refuse you access to the vehicle.

    Someone told the seller that the truck was worth more. Likely the first add was posted by his wife.Who wanted the thing ‘gone’ because she’s with a loser and can’t sell him off.

    Your Right, the Majority of people who want a Crew Cab Daully prefer them to be Stock. Most tend to live being used as a 2 ton truck with a 1 ton body. Where most 3500HD’s were used as if they were 5 ton trucks and 12 inch frame rails were broken.

    I don’t like riding low in Trucks. I am much more happy in a C-60/6500, F-600, IH medium duty seating height. Especially on long Trips.

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