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Chrysler Sells Old AMC Headquarters

Chrysler Sells Old AMC Headquarters
The last remaining piece of American Motors that was actively part of the US automotive manufacturing landscape has been sold by Chrysler, its current owner. Once the site of a Kelvinator fridge factory, the huge complex recently was used as the design center for Ram trucks and Jeep models. There is no word on who the buyer is or what their intentions are for the 54 acre facility.  
The sale comes as part of the Chrysler bankruptcy proceedings. The “old Chrysler” which is the entity holding all the crap and debt that the “new Chrysler” was able to walk away from will use the profit from the sale to pay off the creditors on the top of the list. We’re thinking that the $2.3 million coming from the sale is a drop in the bucket.
Chrysler has owned the building since 1987 when it bought the remaining shards of AMC.
The new buyer has not been announced as of yet, but we don’t think it is an AMC fanatic looking to reproduce Javelins and Rebel Machines.
Source — Wall Street Journal — Chrysler Sells Old AMC Headquarters  

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