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Livin’ The Dream: 1972 Ford LTD – Big, Brash And Beautiful

Livin’ The Dream: 1972 Ford LTD – Big, Brash And Beautiful

I blame you, BangShift. I don’t think that I would’ve given early 1970s full-size Ford products any more than a passing glance had it not been for you introducing me to a movie I never knew about, or had seen. Care to guess which one that is? No, really, go on and guess. Here’s a few hints: stars a famous mustache without his famous mustache, there’s more syrupy-thick Southern drawls than you’d hear within a ten-foot radius of Dolly Parton herself, and there’s the machine, the big brown Ford, tuned by Ike. Yep, you’re to blame. I’ve been longing after one of these machines ever since I saw Gator tear-ass from Sheriff Connors for the first time.

And the strange thing is, there’s a lot of really decent ones out on the market still. It might be a two-ton monster with the ability to drink like high-school seniors in the middle of the woods, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying one of the most muscular-looking full sizers that came out during the heyday. The right body lines, the right look…hell, this one is still running the steelies without the caps on white-letter tires. It ain’t perfect and the seller admits as much, but a few interior trim-ups, some radio work and fixing the quarter windows are small projects for an otherwise sweet two-door barge like this. You’ll be rolling around in air-conditioned comfort in no time, and if you dip your toe into the pedal, you might even be rewarded with a bit of a roar and some smooth acceleration.

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9 thoughts on “Livin’ The Dream: 1972 Ford LTD – Big, Brash And Beautiful

  1. jerry z

    I hate to admit it but yes every time I see one if these LTD’s, Gator McCluskey comes to mind. Weird huh? Best part is the shape of the car and not priced into the stratosphere.

  2. semen

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  3. Paul Martin

    I have a 1969 Ford LTD with a 429 motor in it and 4-barrel carb of course. The thing is like a mustang without the high price tag!

    1. Ralph Terhune

      I have a 1971 Galaxie 500 4 door sedan with the 351W in it. I’m getting a 385 series 532 built for it with Trick Flow aluminum heads that should surprise a few Camaros and Mustangs (hopefully). Love “White Lightning” btw.

  4. Danno

    Are you people all on crack? This is nothing but an ugly, 2 ton, gas sucking, poor handling, snail slow land barge. Sorry, but I totally don’t get the interest in this thing. I lived through the 70’s and these cars were throw away rust buckets. I think nostalgia has warped your sense of reality.

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