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Malibu XL: A 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Four-Door That’s Been Plain Jane Far Too Long

Malibu XL: A 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Four-Door That’s Been Plain Jane Far Too Long

The more I look at them, the more I wouldn’t mind a 1968-72 Chevrolet Chevelle four-door done up right. As they were, they’re plain, sure…far as I’m aware, there was no Heavy Chevy or Super Sport Sedan ever made. Maybe the odd big-block, but those had to be far and few between. The truth was that the Chevelle lineup was the bread-and-butter of Chevrolet’s offerings at the time, and the musclecar variations we all know and love were the extras on those slabs of buttered bread. More often than not, that new-for-1970 Chevrolet looked more like this Malibu four-door than an LS6 SS454. And I can already hear the “two doors too many” contingent winding up. Spare me. These cars are fifty years old. Finding any that aren’t already built, collected and coveted in any shape is a godsend and the more I look at this car, the more the build comes into focus. I know, this car is pretty much bone stock, but for once modifying an original isn’t bothering me one bit.

Being a small-block/Powerglide car in basic trim, it’s not setting my nerves on fire. The question is then to leave it small-block powered or go full-kill and big-block it? My money says small-block, a 383 stroker, backed with a 700R4, with the only tell being a replaced shifter quadrant in the dash. Looking in the interior, we find dark green everywhere, so exterior color is a no-brainer: Fathom Green. I don’t see the D88 Super Sport stripes working on a four-door, but maybe a modified version of the 1971-72 “Heavy Chevy” stripe that runs nose-to-tail on the sides in silver wouldn’t be bad. As for wheels, it’s gotta be 15×7 Rally wheels…but do you use the flat disc brake cap or the derby cap for a finishing touch?

From the front and the back, it’s a 1970 Chevelle. It’s just the spare set of doors and fifty years of “four doors can’t be cool” that’s the issue here. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: the 1994 Chevy Impala SS proved that with the right attitude and amount of power, that nobody really gives a shit about having four doors. For six grand, you can find a way to make a car like this wicked. Remove the rub strips. Get some rubber on all four corners worth mentioning. Make that exhaust bark. And give the kids a reason to beg you to drive them to school in the morning.

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5 thoughts on “Malibu XL: A 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Four-Door That’s Been Plain Jane Far Too Long

  1. drivindadsdodge

    4 Doors are PARTS CARS !!! End of Story ….

    the only 4 Doors that are COOL Have Long Roof’s !!!

    1. ratpatrol66

      Aussies would kick your ass for parting good old American 4 doors out. Like john t says below, they love the more doors even without long roofs.

  2. bob

    The 4 door hardtops were ok, but the sedans are just plain ugly. Grandma picked the worst color exterior and interior possible.

  3. john T

    Ship it to Australia, we dont have issues with 4 doors. Perfect to load mates or family into, weight is the same just about as a 2 door etc. I’d be inclined to go super sleeper with this car, stonking hot engine etc but keep the plain body and interior

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