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Mini Truck On Mags: 1973 Chevrolet LUV With Small-Block Swap

Mini Truck On Mags: 1973 Chevrolet LUV With Small-Block Swap

I can hear several of you making that noise right now, the one that informs the wallet that trouble is afoot, the one that informs the significant other that a surprise purchase might be happening soon. I will never not be surprised at how many people adore the Chevrolet LUV pickup truck. Growing up, these were scrappy little throwaways that my stepdad couldn’t get enough of. Me, personally…not so interested. When it made an S-10 look grown-up, it was too small. But maybe that’s just me, because a lot of you can’t get enough of them. Stock, raised, lowered, original engine or swapped, you love the LUV.

Hey, you like what you like. And who am I to deny you when I find a neat example of the breed? This 1973 looks like it was built in 1980 and was done well…flares, American Racing Vectors, the camper shell and all. Underhood, it’s a 350 and a 700R4 overdrive automatic. In a package this light you not only will repave half of Copperas Cove the moment you step on the throttle, but if you can restrain yourself, chances are good that this little trucklet will thank you with surprising fuel economy…and if it doesn’t, we’d get to modding it so it will. Fuel injection and some gear work and you could just about have it all.

Well, everything except leg room if you’re over six foot tall, anyways. It’s still an LUV, after all. But the tricked-out bed, custom interior bits and that beautiful blue paint are worth it. And it’s going for a price that is quite nice, too!

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4 thoughts on “Mini Truck On Mags: 1973 Chevrolet LUV With Small-Block Swap

  1. Gary

    Very nice! Now, consider I’m a Mopar guy that loaths all thing GM, and read that again! I actually had a 350 powered LUV also. My second Chevy, after the ’69 Imapla SS, triple black, with Cragars, that I traded $35.00 and a single shot shotgun for. I bought my LUV when a guy at work had an accident, and needed some $ to cover medical bills. When the clutch went, I bought a Don Hardy v8 conversion for it. I could go on about what total P’sOS I think SBC’s are, but when I finally overcame the garbage base parts GM uses, it was a great toy. The Izusu chassis was stout! I wish Mopar had a deal with them rather than Mitsu. I ran 2 X 4’s on the street with a reverse pattern manual shift turbo 350 trans. It was great fun! More than my 302 powered Corrier. Somebody needs to grab this thing, quick!

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