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Rough Start: 1984 Ford Falcon XE Ute – Confuse Everybody!

Rough Start: 1984 Ford Falcon XE Ute – Confuse Everybody!

Without question, this 1984 Ford Falcon ute is automatically high on my desirability list. It’s in the States, which means that I don’t have to mess with Customs or pay off some stevedore to not bang the shipping container around as if he’s playing Tetris with it. It’s got a 351 Cleveland in the engine bay, which means it’s been swapped, as Ford Australia officially stopped putting V8s into Falcons in November 1982. The interior could use a cleaning and the whole car could use some rust attention and some paint, but that leaves the canvas open for your custom touches. And, of course, the best reason of all to own an Australian ute: other than those who know, everyone will ask the same question: “What the hell is that?!”

It’s difficult to justify buying an Australian car that’s in the States without automatically going to the “because I can” rule, so let’s try some logic. The closest comparison for the Falcon from American production is the very rare Ford Durango, a ute form of the Fairmont Futura that was a six-cylinder only build. There were plenty of Falcons made in the early 1980s…there were only a few hundred Durangos made. Plus, you look like you hacked up a Fairmont wagon or stretched a Futura out in a Durango. The Falcon was built with a ute setup in mind, so there’s no custom touches or one-off bits.

Okay, nevermind the comparison. Get an Aussie ute and leave the masses scratching their heads. You’ll get used to it! $4,500 buys the Ford, and the rest is up to you. Just one favor, though? Keep those wheels…

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2 thoughts on “Rough Start: 1984 Ford Falcon XE Ute – Confuse Everybody!

  1. China

    If that 351 really is a 4V-headed unit, the engine on its own is worth the price of admission.

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