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Rough Start: The Fastest (And Cheapest!) Way Into The Friendly Skies!

Rough Start: The Fastest (And Cheapest!) Way Into The Friendly Skies!

Once again, it’s time to break the Rough Start rules, but this time it’s not because the car is worth it, or because we’re shopping abroad. Nope, the target is in Kansas and the only reason it’s for sale is because somebody’s wife is not happy with their choice of vehicular fun. What you are looking at is an ultralight aircraft. It’s powerful enough that flight can be achieved with a 100 foot rollout on most decent surfaces, it’ll do 70mph in the skies, and you don’t need an FAA license to fly or register it! No tail number needed, no lights….just you, the craft and the very pointed fact that you will keep this little piece under 3000 feet altitude. Considering you’re flying the aviation world’s version of a minibike I doubt you’ll have an issue with that. There’s very little information on the actual aircraft given, but hey, if you’re even slightly interested in picking this mini-plane up certainly you have an adventurous spirit within you, so what could possibly be the harm?

From the ad:

I have an Ultralight Airplane for sale or trade for just about anything of value. It runs perfect, takes off in 75 to 100 feet. Climbs 1000 feet per minute. Does 70 MPH. Runs on two stroke gas. No license required. NO FAA regulations. No lights, No tail #, No radio Anyone can fly it to 3000 feet. It fits in a 1 car garage , Wings go on and off in 10 mins. I am only selling this because my wife doesn’t want me to have fun. Call Rob at (…..) before she catches it on fire. ( I need a overhead camper )

Tis’ better to beg for forgiveness than to ask permission, right, Rob? We hope you at least got to have some fun with it before you were threatened with grievous bodily harm by the missus. $6,000 is a grand over on the Rough Start budget, but considering how expensive aviation can get, this is an absolute bargain. Get your leather cap and goggles, find your scarf and leather jacket, and prepare your apologies now!

Craigslist Link: Ultralight Aircraft


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10 thoughts on “Rough Start: The Fastest (And Cheapest!) Way Into The Friendly Skies!

  1. john

    Anyone remember John Denver? Walk away from planes that DON’T need FAA inspection AND appear homebuilt.

      1. john

        Scott-The plane’s builder had deviated from Burt Rutan’s original plans and placed BOTH the fuel selector switch AND the guage away from the pilot’s view and reach. MY ORIGINAL POINT EXACTLY!

  2. Tedly

    That little sucker could be a blast, but no way in hell would I trust one built by someone I didn’t know. I’d have to completely disassemble it and rebuild it.

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