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Shines Like A Mirror? WTF Kind Of Crack Is This Craigslist Seller Smoking. COPO C10 454 Truck… Ugh

Shines Like A Mirror? WTF Kind Of Crack Is This Craigslist Seller Smoking. COPO C10 454 Truck… Ugh

WTF is wrong with people? There are two things going on here that annoy the hell out of me. The second one is minor in the grand scheme of things because it is technically correct. The first however makes me want to squeeze someone’s head until it pops. Or go for a test drive and burn the tires to the rims with the seller riding shotgun. But I digress. The term COPO means Central Office Production Order and has become synonymous with COPO Camaros most often as the 9560 and 9561 cars were probably the most famous COPO vehicles of all time. Those 1969 Camaros were the inspiration for the newer COPO Camaros that have been built by Chevrolet for drag racing in NHRA Stock, Super Stock, And Factory Stock classes. But, technically anyone could special order a car or truck through Chevrolet’s Central Office and whatever they ordered would then be a COPO. Apparently that is the case with this C10 that is equipped with a 454 and yet is not a factory Big 10 truck like most C10s that came with a 454 in 1976. So I’ll let the fact that this seller is calling it a COPO slide because, quite frankly, I just don’t care.

I however care about his cosmetic description of this truck. I tend to read the description on a vehicle listed online before looking at all the pictures because it sometimes shows me as much or more about it than the photos do. So when this seller said that the paint on this low mileage truck still “shines like a mirror” I thought it sounded pretty cool. Reading through it let me know it would need some work, but that it might be a candidate for a spit shine and cleanup. I was wrong as hell, because after looking at the photos I realized this thing is an old pickup that has been sitting. I am all over it, because quite frankly it is my style, but it certainly is NOT what the seller is describing in the ad.

WTF people? Who in their right mind writes an ad like this?

I’m not going to link to the original ad because I don’t want to hear from this guy when he bitches at me about people calling to give him shit about his dumb ad. But I am going to show you all the text that is in the ad!

Check this out.

Central Office Production Order. BARN FIND, 1976 Chevy Standard Cab, C10 Custom Deluxe(base) Short Bed, fleet-side. Starts, runs, drives and stops. Truck has just 7 listed options: Heavy Duty Chassis Package, 454ci. Engine, Turbo-Hydromatic trans., Posi-traction differential, Air Conditioning, Comfort-tilt steering wheel and Chrome plated Front bumper(Others are standard: AM/FM radio, Painted B.E.L. mirrors and 16″ tires). Service Parts IDentification sticker in glove box has three, 4-digit COPO codes, in addition to the 10 RPO codes. Vin is: CCS146SXXXXXX(1st S=454). It’s not a factory Big10 truck, or the first digit would be a “4”, instead of a “1”(i.e. CCS446SXXXXXX). A true, ultra-low option C.O.P.O. TRUCK, with it’s matching numbers engine(rebuilt-have receipt). Has the original TH400 Automatic Transmission, and 12 bolt Posi-Traction rear axle. New Seat. New Carpet. New Dual-exhaust system. New Wheels and Trim-rings. New Tires. Doors still close and latch like-new! The paint is original, and still reflects like a mirror. Odometer reads 71,384. This mileage is reasonable. when it’s history is considered. Built in July, 1976. Rated at 6050 GVWR. Uses REGULAR fuel(NO Catalytic Converters over 6000 GVWR through 1978). It has a single, 16 gal. fuel tank. Back cab corners have the usual rust, but these repair parts are common(LMC-$90). CLEAR AZ TITLE in my name. STOCK, these ran 16.0 sec. flat e.t.’s in 1/4 mile(’76 Corvette only ran a 16.9!). In 1976, MOTOR TREND called BIG10/C10 trucks with the 454; “A throw-back to 60’s Muscle Cars”, AND it’s #3 on HEMMINGS list of “Greatest Muscle Trucks of all time”. Asking $14,495. Price is NOT firm, send your best offer! TRADES? Diesel truck? Side-by-Side ATV? ALSO….1974 4X4-see below.

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11 thoughts on “Shines Like A Mirror? WTF Kind Of Crack Is This Craigslist Seller Smoking. COPO C10 454 Truck… Ugh

  1. HotRodPop

    Post the link, Chad! This tool deserves the grief! By the way, I’ve got a’97 Honda Accord COPO (Crappy Old Piece Of…) that shines like Purple Rain! Acid rain, that is. Only 20K. Call me.

  2. jayday

    This add is kinda local to me. Its has been for sale for about a year. When if first got posted for sale it was well over 20K lol. Funny it make it all the way to B.S. I laughed again!

  3. Mike Sen

    All you are doing is helping him get the word out lol. Thank you from C10 lovers everywhere!

  4. Bramdonb

    It is not a \”BIG 10\” but I gauruntee you its still OVER 6,000GVW with RPO F44 (which included a \”Big 10\” sticker in later years)

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