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The Last One Alive? This 1980 Chevrolet Citation X-11 Is A Time Capsule Of An Extinct Car!

The Last One Alive? This 1980 Chevrolet Citation X-11 Is A Time Capsule Of An Extinct Car!

General Motors had high hopes for the Chevrolet Citation. They had been working on the car since 1973, back when it was known as the “Condor” and they were planning on dropping one of their best known nameplates, Nova, during the introduction. Small and compact, front-wheel-drive and fuel efficient for the 1980s, the Citation would be the General leading with his best foot forward. Except…no, that wasn’t quite right. After the initial sales surge of 1980, sales fell like a 747 that ran out of fuel with a full compliment of passengers amid quality that bordered on non-existent, driving characteristics that made you wonder if the front end was even connected to the back at all, and trim that would up and eff off straight to the curbside if you so much as sneezed near the car. The Citation (and it’s bitterly half-hearted rebranding attempt for 1984, the Citation II) were supposed to be GM’s attempt at taking on the imports and winning, and just like the Corvair and Vega that came before, it was a failure.

Citations were going to the yard by the thousands when I was in grade school. I’m pretty sure that these cars are all but extinct at this point, but someone in Washington State loved theirs very much. It’s a 1980 X-11, the sporty V6-powered variant that is still wearing the license plates it got in 1979 when the car was delivered. And it’s difficult to tell where the years are on the car, because the only true tell seems to be the 92,000 miles on the clock. The 2.8L V6 kicked out 115 horsepower and the four-speed should have made for one of the better driving experiences of late 1979, and looks-wise, the Citation X-11 wasn’t bad. Had GM not botched the cars early on and had quality control been up to par, the Citation could’ve stood a stomping chance…the 800,000-plus sales figures for the 1980 introduction alone was a stout showing. But, pride goes before the fall and GM fell directly on their sword with this car.

Still, having one of the last ones left might be something to consider as a positive. We can’t help but look at the car and think of the GM ToyBox “Push Me, Pull Me” concept car that sported twin experimental 3.1L V6s, 400 combined horsepower and the threat of all-wheel-drive violence out of nowhere, but to do that to an unloved slug of 1980s kitsch seems wrong. It’s too nice to beat up. What say you, readers?

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12 thoughts on “The Last One Alive? This 1980 Chevrolet Citation X-11 Is A Time Capsule Of An Extinct Car!

    1. Brian Cooper

      With enough determination, anything is possible. And that is also the exact thing that I thought of first.

  1. Doug Gregory

    My hometown bought some citations for use as city official’s vehicles and patrol cars.

  2. Robert

    We had these for the drivers training classes in high school in the 80’s.
    I think that’s last time I remember even seeing one!

  3. MidwestMike

    I had a 1980 X11 as first car I bought!!!! 1980 was last year no computer, V6 was optional, mine was a 4cyl 4 spd with factory roof rack, on a hatchback no less. HO V6 didn’t come until 1981, and looks like the bump hood and wheels would be from a newer version as well. 4.9 caddy supposed to drop into a fiero, and I remember hearing that is the same basic frame configuration in the citation, that could be interesting. The want is strong for this one! And yes, I would bet there is not a nicer 1980 X11 out there, I have seen some nice 85’s from time to time.

  4. Jim

    I used to work at a Chevrolet dealership, it was hard to keep track of the number of recalls these things had. We even replaced complete floor pans. LMAO GM should have use the metal for something more constructive.

  5. Scott Liggett

    A very nice one is sitting in my local yard. It appeared like it was driven there. Hardly any rust. The 2.8 ltr didn’t have any rods hanging out of the block, so I don’t know why it was there. I spent too much time looking it over, sitting in it, reliving my early driving years. Then took the sun visor brackets for 89 Caprice.

    1. Stephen Bradshaw

      Hey, Where was this citation? I am looking for a part. Was it a hatch back or notch back

  6. Rick

    There’s a flawless red one in the Twin Cities that pops up at shows, also a 4-speed. There’s one out there with a Northstar bolted right up to the stock 4-speed. Torque steer, anybody???

  7. Dave Sammut

    I had a 81 HO X11 that I bought from the original owner who had installed aftermarket suspension on it. I loved that car and once again another car that GM would not fully commit to what the car could have been.

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