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This 1976 Cosworth Vega Has Only 27,000 Miles On It And Is Only $3,995! And It Isn’t A Pile!

This 1976 Cosworth Vega Has Only 27,000 Miles On It And Is Only $3,995! And It Isn’t A Pile!

We get content submissions here at BANGshift.com ALL THE TIME. And we LOVE them, because they are usually interesting and cool and something we want to share with other readers. One of our readers, Rocco, submits Craigslist ads to us all the time and they are cool as hell usually. But this one is extra cool to me. I’m a die hard Chevrolet guy, and think Vegas are cool little cars, but the Cosworth Vega was a special little beast. With a dual overhead cam 4 cylinder that came equipped with a header and way more power than the stock 4-banger, these little cars moved. And since they were built on a limited production run of just 3,500 cars, they aren’t super common to find for sale.

If you are familiar with BANGshift and read it regularly, like you should, you’ll know that we sometimes put up cars and trucks for sale under our Rough Start title and that’s what Rocco did when he sent this one in. But I think he’s wrong. Here’s why.

This car is from Pennsylvania, and does have a little rust, but it has less than 27,000 miles on it and is in amazingly original condition. The rust that is present looks predominantly like it came from being covered and wet at some point in it’s life, not from being driven on salty roads. In fact, there appears to be little or no rust at the bottom of the fenders and quarters in these photos. So to me, this thing needs to get some love, but is a car that could be a riot to drive and have just because of the story behind it. And did we mention it comes with some spare parts and new parts to make it even better? Yeah, we would look at neutralizing the rust, making it run like a top with the addition of a little turbo and some efi help, and then driving the living snot out of it.

What would you do with it?


Need to move this one out quick,1976 Chevrolet 4 Cyl Cosworth Twin Cam Vega
4 speed stick Fuel injected Hatch Back
27000 original miles , # 3330 of 3500 made, Car is currently registered with the National Cosworth vega Owners Club.
Car is in pretty much original 46year old condition ( paint is un touched natural so to speak) it does have a new windshield and the cowel has been redone.
The Vega starts, runs , drives and shifts. The Brakes work but, it has a soft pedal and needs attention, the engine runs , but its rich.
along with the car are many spare parts, hood, hatchback lid, two front fenders, spare 4 spd trans, front bumper, rear bumper, front grille, 4 new KYB shocks, steering components etc.. and a new Battery as well as some history and documentation
$3995.00 OBO, Clean and Clear PA Title in my name need the space priced to sell quickly .
Contact Matt , email ,or phone 215-630-0319 Thanks for looking ….

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15 thoughts on “This 1976 Cosworth Vega Has Only 27,000 Miles On It And Is Only $3,995! And It Isn’t A Pile!

  1. Jack M.

    This is a great deal for a rust free Vega. The Cosworth engine is a bonus. At this price I wouldn’t feel so bad stuffing a V8 in it. How much do you think a running Cosworth engine is worth?

  2. Gary

    Did the Cosworth’s use an entirely different block than the other models? If not, at 27,000 miles, the pistons are most assuredly going up and down the cylinder walls sideways…27K would be a completely clapped out engine in a standard Vega.

    1. William Lloyd

      They are different blocks, although both used A390 Aluminum Alloy. Roughly 83% aluminum, and 17% silica. The blocks were never the problem.

    1. Tony Primo

      Sorry, have to go with Jack on this one. Back in high school 40 years ago, some of the fastest cars in town were V8 Vegas. Coupes, hatchbacks, wagons, nothing was safe.

      1. loufermi223

        Yes, they were fast. My friend had a 74 coupe, 350/4sp, four link, and tubbed. My point being, buy a regular Vega and swap in a V8 if that’s what you want. Don’t chop up the Cosworth car. And actually, the number of guys who started a V8 Vega swap and never completed it was fairly common. You can probably find a half-way done car that’s just been sitting around.

  3. stitchdup

    Since its a cosworth I’d stick one of the euro ford escort/sierra cosworth engines in it. easy tuning and still a cosworth 4 pot, though a ford based one.

  4. ian mol

    another on service road by Hwy 65 in Mobile,AL.and been sitting there for a while. This one looks better than the car pictures here.

  5. ratty

    If the Cosworth is toast and too much to repair, I’d swap in a 166ci 350hp Chevy USAC 4-cyl Midget Race motor, would look awesome, fit perfect, and put that Cosworth to shame, and it would be different.. Don’t have to have a V8 to be bad ass.

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