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We Think Owning This House With A 23,000 Square Foot Garage Would Be Pretty Cool

We Think Owning This House With A 23,000 Square Foot Garage Would Be Pretty Cool

Okay, it’s in New Jersey which I have to admit is NOT on my top 48 states to live in, but man 23,000 square feet of shop space would sure rule all! You read that right, 23,000. Not 2,300 which most of us would be happy with, but 23,000. That’s Twenty-Three THOUSAND!!! It is hard to imagine having my cars in a shop that big. It is NOT hard to imagine racing go-karts around inside a shop that big though. And boy would I do it!

Don’t think you have to slum it by living in the shop either, as this one comes with a house that is nearly 8,000 square feet and features 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. I don’t know what the hell is in the other rooms but there must be a bunch of them and they must all be huge cause I’ve owned a house with that many bedrooms and I thought it was big at nearly 2,800 square feet. I guess you can’t have a house that is only 10-20% of the size of your shop though so 7,700 square feet must be the appropriate size. I’d be happy with a room in the shop though, if I’m being honest.

Never in my wildest dreams will I end up buying a house that costs $4.6 million dollars, but if I was, this one could be it as long as it wasn’t in New Jersey. Sorry, again, I can’t help myself. I know much smaller houses, on much smaller lots, with tiny garages, that cost this much money. Does that make this one a deal?

You be the judge. Check out a few photos below, and click the link below for even more.


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7 thoughts on “We Think Owning This House With A 23,000 Square Foot Garage Would Be Pretty Cool

  1. jerry z

    I would say it’s overkill for a garage unless you own 40-50 cars! Ironic part is if you were a drag racer, it’s not far from E-town!

  2. Donny Chops

    New Jersey property taxes will kill you ! That’s why people are leaving . Highest in the nation if I recall . Beautiful digs but think of the upkeep on this place . You need gardeners-o-plenty ! Born and raised there Jersey gets a bad rap . Go out in the country and you will find some nice property . Seriously ! All people remember is Newark Airport and the refinery’s and the Saprano’s which may or may not be true . Beautiful place .

    1. Spaceman Spiff

      My friend has 10 acres in Atlantic county. His shop is 300×45…
      and has two small houses on the property. He’s paying LESS in taxes, then he was while in Bergen country, for a 50×100 lot.

  3. Anthony

    NJ has some really nice places but F the taxes. Place looks great if it was in another state.

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