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Crazy Video: A Morgan Gets Rear Ended Hardcore By A Peugeot Driver While Leaving A Car Show

Crazy Video: A Morgan Gets Rear Ended Hardcore By A Peugeot Driver While Leaving A Car Show

Well this is bad but it could have been exponentially worse! In this video you see the moment when a Morgan gets rear ended by a Peugeot while trying to pull out of a car show. We’re not sure what the guy was thinking when he tried to take his little wood-framed sports car out and basically haul ass ahead of a car that was flying down the road already. It is tough to get a perspective of the Morgan driver’s view simply for the fact that we cannot see to the left of the frame. Is it possible that this car could have been in a blind area he did not see?

It sounds to us that as soon as the Morgan driver commits to pulling out, he puts the pedal on the floor and is trying to get that car to accelerate hard. Obviously that does not happen because Morgan but you know what we are trying to say. This guy may have noticed his own impending doom a little too late.

The driver of the Peugeot either did not have a lot of time to react or chose not to because basically they blew the horn and stepped on the brake at the last second before driving right up the back of the Morgan like a Joie Chitwood stunt show launch ramp. Thankfully two things came into play. The first is that the Morgan is right hand drive because otherwise the driver would be having a close casket service and secondly gravity kept the Peugeot from going full turtle  and ending up on its roof.

Moral of the story? When you are leaving a car show this year (a.) don’t try to be a hero and do something stupid for a group of people that have no skin in the game of your life and (b.) look long and hand before pulling out. We’re not saying the Morgan guy was trying to be a show off, but obviously this was a preventable as so many of them are.

Press play below to see this Morgan take a HUGE shot while leaving a car show –

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8 thoughts on “Crazy Video: A Morgan Gets Rear Ended Hardcore By A Peugeot Driver While Leaving A Car Show

  1. john

    Though we were at Myrtle Beach for a moment. That Morgan has a perfect “duck tail” for leaping. Better get out the Ash and Gorilla Glue…. 🙂

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I don’t think Morgans are made of wood anymore mate – but I think the Peugeot just fancied the Morgan and wanted a piece of its sweet ass…..

    1. C.M. Bendig

      Wrong. Morgan’s bodies have wood structure. Even a Brand New Morgan. the frames are metal.

  3. Brendan M

    I’ve driven in Great Britain. People drive very fast. Perhaps the driver of the Morgan was taking the only shot he thought he had to get into traffic.

  4. Spanners.C

    Could of been a lot worse, he could of been driving a mustang.

    Morgan Motor Company still do construct their cars with an Ash timber body skeleton,

  5. nick gunner

    The horn is not for high speed collision avoidance. An intelligent use of the steering wheel would have resulted in a non event.

  6. C.M. Bendig

    The Morgan driver was the cause. not enough distance to accelerate for the traffic gap. If he would have had a Big Block Chevy he would have been just fine.

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