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Discovery Wants Your Car And The Story Behind It. Apply Now To Be On TV And Get A Free Trip!

Discovery Wants Your Car And The Story Behind It. Apply Now To Be On TV And Get A Free Trip!

This week we got an email from the folks over at the casting department for the Discovery Channel and they have a new show that they want you for! Well actually it is more about your car and the story behind it, but still you could end up on TV with your hot rod. The basic premise is a way cooler version of the Antiques Road Show where your car and it’s story are going to be used to tell you how much it might be worth. Have a  garage find? Have you owned your car forever? Is there some crazy history that makes it cooler than anything else at the show? These are the things that they want to see and want to know about. So now is your chance.

Here’s what they sent us:

Discovery channel is seeking car owners with antique, barn-finds, restored American muscle, rusted-out treasures, rare cars, etc for a new series on Discovery. In short, it’s a bit like “Antiques Road Show” on PBS but just with cars.

Interested parties (if selected) would have an all-expense paid trip, plus safe insured shipping of their vehicle to Los Angeles to appear on the show, and be appraised by individuals that I believe even your members will find to be excellent choices for the appraisals. STORY IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN CONDITION!!!!

If you have something that’s rusted out, needs work, etc but has been in your family for 4 generations…they’d love that. Anything from very old cars with one owner, never restored, re-discovered family vehicles, cars that have taken decades to restore, you name it!

Interested parties should apply here; https://untitleddiscoverycarseries.castingcrane.com/

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5 thoughts on “Discovery Wants Your Car And The Story Behind It. Apply Now To Be On TV And Get A Free Trip!

  1. douglas casey

    I have a 1950 ford F-100 that my dad bought in 1966 for a $100 dollars.It was my first car in high school and fix it up with a chevy v-8 and custom paint.Then I gave it to my oldest son for his first car in high school and he drag raced it a couple of times. Then he was tired of it so I got it back and restored it , took me 8 years but was finally able to give my dad a ride in it before he passed at the age of 88. So now I plan on giving it to my son who turns 16 next month!

  2. Homer Eubanks

    I have a 1947 Chevy 2-door Fleetline that I drove back in the 60s. We painted it like an American Flag. I paid $100 at the time. It had a new rebuilt engine and new tires from a little old lady that lived on my paper route. I still have it but it hasn\’t ran since the 70\’s. Maybe I\’ll get it back on the road this year.

  3. BBR

    lurker here. just finished the application with a 89 Plymouth grand voyager turbo wheelchair van. Poor old girl is ground breaking in many ways if you leave out desirable, reliable and collectable. lets see if they respond..

  4. Scot Winskye

    I sent in my application for my 1974 “Yenko” Camaro with under 24k miles that I bought from the original owner of 43 years. He worked at the Yenko dealership and Don Yenko himself modified this car at the dealership. While it’s not a Yenko Super Car, it’s got a great story.

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