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Easter Egg: Subaru Guts Have Never Been Wrapped In Something So Sexy – 1974 Aztec GT

Easter Egg: Subaru Guts Have Never Been Wrapped In Something So Sexy – 1974 Aztec GT

The 1970s were obviously the peak for weird, interesting, and sometimes terrible fiberglass kit cars. Many of these things were designed to be based off of VW floorpans. Some of the bodies made by companies like Kellison and FiberFab were actually pretty interesting looking and as it turns out this is one of them. You are looking at a FiberFab Aztec GT that dates (according to the seller) to 1974. They had been manufacturing this body since the middle 1960s with some tweaks along the way. We’re not experts so we can’t say if it is definitely a ’74 or not but we can say that the important parts are all there which basically means the styling and the killer lift off canopy that allows entrance and egress to the car.

This one is powered in a way no one at FiberFab could have envisioned 40 years ago, that’s for sure! A turbocharged flat Subaru engine sits in the rear of the car and produces (according to the owner) 275hp. The car has a four speed manual transaxle with a “heavy duty” clutch, independent suspension at all four corners, and disc brakes as well. It has a roll bar that isn’t because it is well below the heads of where the driver and passenger would be. We’re sure that it greatly stiffens the chassis, though.

We are in love with the paint. The deep red is laid on beautifully (at least as the photos show) and there has to have been many, many hours of prep work into the FiberFab body to get it to this level of perfection so that the paint job looks this good. The side profile view of the car is definitely our favorite simply because of the nose and the roofline. From the front or the rear the car loses a little toughness because of how small the tires are. That’s not a knock but an observation.

We love this unique little car and we bet you do as well.

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3 thoughts on “Easter Egg: Subaru Guts Have Never Been Wrapped In Something So Sexy – 1974 Aztec GT

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Awesome but junk the wheels and tyres for something more suitable. This is the best use of a Subaru motor in a VW floorpan I have ever seen and it has inspired me to look for a similar basis in the UK to create a similar car.

  2. Gary Smrtic

    Funny thing, Chevy Hatin’ Mad Geordie, as usual, and I thinking similarly.
    I’ve been thinking I should build a new kit platform for modern engines like the Subi, something like this, classically styled, not like the modern “supercars” which are all looking rather cartoonish these days.
    I need to find a good CAD/Solidworks guy to team up with us at our advanced composites shop!

  3. F.R.O.

    Those seats are too high for this car. They should have custom ordered a set of quality racing seats that sit lower.
    The car needs to loose those styled 5 spokes and run something mesh like and wider from bbs.

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