eBay Find: Have We Actually Reached The Era Of A $55,000 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

eBay Find: Have We Actually Reached The Era Of A $55,000 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

It is the constant debate when we look at everything automotive on eBay. How bad do you want it? How much money do you have to spend? How rare is it? How tough is it to find? These are the things that lead many gearheads to make their buying decisions, large and small. So when we see something that seems to fall way out of line with those basic questions we like to put it back on you boys and girls to see what the temperature is.

Hence the title of this blog entry. Have we actually reached the era of a $55,000 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer? Not one that has been restored. Not one that has been hot rodded. One that is all original, very clean, surely a beautiful driver, but on that has some wear on the interior, the bone stock 360 engine and the classic woodgrain on the side that anyone who every bought one of these seems to have optioned.

Historically the Grand Wagoneer owns a pretty significant spot, especially in the context of today’s automotive landscape. It was the Grand Wagoneer that really launched the “luxury SUV” space that Detroit has ridden to profits for decades, now actually eschewing the car business completely to chase the SUV market. Large, capable, and comfortable you could roll up to the country club as well as roll to the lake with a boat hitched to the back. These things will be more and more sought after as time goes on but we don’t think they are in any sort of hot collector mode at the moment.

The ad also pitches this as a knock off of the Grand Wagoneer from the show “This is Us”. We have no idea what that is and we suspect the majority of potential buyers for this thing won’t either. Good on this guy if he can get the $55k but we don’t think that briefcase of cash is coming any time soon.

eBay: Have we really reached the $55,000 Grand Wagoneer era? 

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11 thoughts on “eBay Find: Have We Actually Reached The Era Of A $55,000 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

  1. Gary Perkinson

    You know those countless trillions of non-gold-backed “dollars” the U.S. government has printed over the last 75 years? This is where a lot of them end up: In ridiculously inflated “classic”-car and Silicon-Valley-home prices (among many others)…

  2. bob

    My old man must have had five or six of these starting out with a ’66. They were all piles of crap. Oh, and did I mention the rust? How about how they ate transfer cases?

  3. Patrick

    Ah, Jeep and AMC. Love it when you have to know the month your vehicle was built to find out what replacement parts where sources from what othe manufacturer

  4. BigDogSS

    Two things here:
    1) Look at the front bumper –> at some point, this thing hit something hard enough to bent the bumper brackets.
    2) I do not hardly watch anything on TV, but selected cars shows, Andy Griffith and ….This Is Us!! Actually, it is pretty good show and is on NBC.

  5. Bill Greenwood

    These things are really nice rigs but….those old AMC 360’s are grossly underpowered and thirsty by modern standards. Given access to cubic money, I’d do one like Dutch linked to at BAT. Even with modern power, they’re not daily drivers in a true sense, no more than a ’49 Chevy with stock suspension and a smogger 350 would have been a decent daily driver in 1979.
    But, I’d hit every trail in Moab with that LS-swapped rig.

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