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Best of 2019: This 1971 Plymouth Satellite Wagon Blends Muscle Car And Family Car Beautifully

Best of 2019: This 1971 Plymouth Satellite Wagon Blends Muscle Car And Family Car Beautifully

When I was working in the yard, we tore down and ultimately scrapped out a Chevy Kingswood station wagon simply because it had a big-block under the hood. Any say I would’ve had in the matter would’ve probably been for nothing, but looking back on that one particular car, I can say that we screwed up badly. The wagon was mint from front to back, dark green interior spotless, unmolested until it had the misfortune of finding it’s way to the back corner near the madrone trees. Ever since then, the idea of a properly fast station wagon has been one of the more far-fetched but intriguing ideas in my head. Just about every one of the mythical supercars of the 1960s had a longroof variant…how hard could it be to make one cool?

When new, this 1971 Plymouth Satellite would’ve been about as plain as they got. It’s white with a brown gut, and while you could option any engine you wanted into the car, finding one with a 440ci V8 would’ve been a stretch. Not impossible, just not common. But say you hit that mythical jackpot…finding that one magical combination. Could you pass on it or would you give it a chance?

Wearing a gold stripe that seems inspired by the 1970 Chrysler 300-H and nice, deep rally wheels, this wagon is a great find. We’d probably ditch the “Plymouth” callout on the flanks and the “440” callouts on the hood just to clean it up a little but after that, we’d be content to leave the rest of the car as-is. Before the advent of air bags, anti-lock brakes and shoving a kid under four-foot-eight into a booster seat because it’s the law, you had fuselage-shaped station wagons, expansive bench seats and enough room in the back for the kids to camp out for the night.

eBay Link: 1971 Plymouth Satellite Custom

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12 thoughts on “Best of 2019: This 1971 Plymouth Satellite Wagon Blends Muscle Car And Family Car Beautifully

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Turn this gem into a Sox And Martin tribute pro stock wagon complete with trademark livery and a hot Hemi under the hood.

    1. James Starks

      The Rod Shop had and has a couple of wagons that they raced. Sox didn’t race wagons, the Rod Shop did.

  2. Gary

    Well, CHMG finally fell out of his pram. It’s perfect, just the way it is. (I’ve been wondering where he’s been, figured he got thrown in jail for protesting Brexit or something)

    1. S\'cuder

      It\’s a mid-size B-Body, not a full size C-Body.
      The only \’71 B-Body Plymouths in which a 440 was available were the GTX and Road Runner.
      It\’s a nice transplant, though.

  3. 75Duster

    I agree with Bryan, lose the 440 call out stickers and Plymouth stickers on the quarter panels, however I’d add a Six Pack under the hood.

  4. Robert

    I dig full size wagons of all brands. This one is indeed perfect as is and would be a great cruiser.

  5. crazy canuck

    There was a Pontiac GTO wagon clone I used to see once in awhile that was cool. What about the more doors? We used to scout the insurance auctions for big blocks in the late 70’s and pay a pittance scrap em and keep the motors .

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