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eBay Find: This 1966 Hemi Coronet Is One Of The Most BangShifty Hemi Cars Ever – Plain Jane Freight Train!

eBay Find: This 1966 Hemi Coronet Is One Of The Most BangShifty Hemi Cars Ever – Plain Jane Freight Train!

This is a 1966 Coronet 440 with a factory installed 426 Hemi providing the power and it can be all yours for the low, low price of $89,000. Truth be told, if we had the cash we’d be clicking the “Buy it now” button so hard and fast we’d bore a hole through our computer. Our favorite factory hemi cars are the ones that people never saw coming, particularly the Coronets and Satellites. Sure, the Road Runners, GTXs, wing cars, and E-bodies are all awesome and cool but a big brick of a car with steel wheel, hub cabs, a bench seat, and a column shift? That’s our jam completely. If Chevy had their 427 Biscayne street killers, this was totally Chrysler’s answer and we think pound for pound, the Coronet would have eaten those Chevys alive.

Restored in 1990, the car is believed to have just 23,000 original miles on it. From all the photos we have included below plus the additional 50 included in the eBay ad, this car is virtually perfect in body and mechanics. It is also virtually perfect in the BangShift sense because of the color that would make you walk past it on a used car lot. Back in the day we’d hope that the crafty owner stuck some 383 badges on the fenders and refused to open the hood at the street races to reveal his secret. The only option outside of heavy duty driveline parts and suspension appears to be a radio and that’s probably just the AM piece that you had to get unless you wanted a delete plate.

Save the “440s outran the hemi cars on the street all the time” talk because (a) the rarity of Hemi cars even when they were new meant that most guys never actually saw one take on anything and (b) who gives a crap? This is a factory Hemi Coronet that has survived almost unmolested for nearly 50 years! The same car with a 440 in it would be cool but it definitely would not have the automotive sex appeal that this one has. That’s a fact, Jack.

There’s not much more to say on this one other than we’ve never wanted $90,000 more than we do at this moment.

Scroll down to see more photos and the eBay link with 50+ photos of the car. Cars can’t really be “perfect” but this one is damned close!

Picture 27 Picture 28 Picture 29 Picture 30 Picture 31 Picture 32 Picture 33


eBay link: 1966 Hemi Coronet 440 — factory sleeper awesomeness

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9 thoughts on “eBay Find: This 1966 Hemi Coronet Is One Of The Most BangShifty Hemi Cars Ever – Plain Jane Freight Train!

  1. Matt Cramer

    Nicely restored, too.

    I’ve heard there were something like six or so factory four door Hemi Coronets – I wonder what the story was on those?

      1. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

        I had thought it was a Belvedere 4 door. Maybe my memory ain’t what it used to be. Pretty sure I remember the plaque saying the car had been ordered by the FBI tho.

  2. AngryJoe

    Hmmm Turbine Bronze Metallic, this is the kind of car I dreamed of as a kid. the kind I always assumed Monnshiners were running back in that day…this thing makes my pants bulge…

  3. 440 6Pac

    A neighbor of mine bought one of these new and took the Hemi badges off. It made for one hell of a sleeper.

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