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Money No Object: 1965 Dodge D100 – When The Truck Became More

Money No Object: 1965 Dodge D100 – When The Truck Became More

In June 1965, Popular Science compared the Ford F-250, Chevrolet C-10 and Dodge D100 in a head-to-head battle (that you can read about on Curbside Classic) to see which truck would be better suited for day-to-day driving, as it seemed that the pickup truck, once precluded to being a lowly workhorse, was becoming more common as a second vehicle for households or in some cases, the primary vehicle. While the Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge each brought up their own pros and cons list to the table (from a failed wiper motor on the Ford to the mention of the Dodge Custom Sports Special (you know, the Hemi-powered sucker-maker truck that Chrysler actually produced), they really didn’t come out and say which truck they liked the best. They lauded the Chevrolet’s gauge package, the liked the Dodge’s interior room, but they never said their pick.

We’re of the mindset that up until the last twenty years or so, you can’t really go wrong with a truck, any truck. As long as rust hasn’t taken ahold, they’re all a good choice. While I tend to stick to 1967-2000 for my year range, pretty much anything made after 1960 but before computers really took over the program is a good call. Keep it simple, keep it clean, and be happy. Which is why this 1965 Dodge D100 has our attention. Nice blue and white two-tone, nice wood work in the bed, clean interior, and a 318 Poly/four-speed on the floor powertrain. We might consider changing out the shotgun wheels for some white wagon-spokes but that’d be our preference. It’s not showy, it’s not riddled with rust, it’s just nice and clean.

eBay Link: 1965 Dodge D100

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5 thoughts on “Money No Object: 1965 Dodge D100 – When The Truck Became More

  1. KCR

    I have that type of trucks . And I have for quite a while. A real nice Sweptline will bring maybe $10K. the 4 door models will bring the most money. Not just the 2 doors. He will have these trucks for a long time asking that kind of money.

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