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Money No Object: Is This 1972 Continental Mark IV The Perfect Lincoln?

Money No Object: Is This 1972 Continental Mark IV The Perfect Lincoln?

“The Perfect Lincoln”…is there really such a thing as “The Perfect _____”? What does that mean? Well, there are two good ways to measure a vehicle in judging whether or not it’s the perfect example. You can take the car itself, judge it based upon it’s condition, it’s overall lifetime use, it’s options, and any work that it might need. Or you could find one model that summarizes what the brand entails best among everything that was ever cranked out…or, put clearly, what is the one model you think of when you hear the brand name?

Saying that a 1972 Continental Mark IV is the perfect Lincoln is going to invite some discussion, for sure. The fans of the suicide-door Continentals will have something to say about this choice, as will fans of the Zephyr…no, not that mid-2000s rental car, the 1940s jaw-dropper. But there is rational thought for choosing the monster coupe: it appeared at Lincoln’s height, has some beautiful styling that wasn’t yet spoiled by battering ram bumpers, seated six in opulence, hadn’t been hit by smog equipment yet, and managed to look both upscale and muscular at the same time. It wasn’t fast, but it was powerful.

Sure, it was a tarted-up Thunderbird with a vestigial tail, and yes, it’ll take a considerable amount of work to make one of these fast, nevermind an out-and-out performer. But do you really want a car like this to step off with the urgency of a Boss 351? No. You want to sink into that leather sofa of a bench seat, turn on some tunes, and let that 460 soothe your nerves as you cruise down the highway. That was what Lincoln was about: style, comfort, and mature power. And this Mark IV has it all.

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6 thoughts on “Money No Object: Is This 1972 Continental Mark IV The Perfect Lincoln?


    add aluminum heads , cam and intake along with a TBI from Holley or FiTech to wake up the Low Compression 460 swap out the c6 for a AODE from a motorhome 4.11 gears in the 9 inch and you will have a great driver that run the 1/4 in the high 14’s

  2. Oklxs03

    We bought a rusty 75 ‘Bird gutted it crammed it up a little added 4.11’s ripped off the hood and went 13.5 all day every day until it snapped an axle good cheap fun – not what should happen to this Lincoln tho’ . As for the perfect Lincoln they all say LSC on them!

  3. Anthony

    These are great. Stupid ass Ford should build new ones similar. New Lincolns still suck.

  4. Roger

    For the record the Mark IV wasn’t a “tarted up Thunderbird” the T-Bird was a “tarted down” Mark. So there 🙂 .

  5. cap'n fast

    nope…cannot agree on mark 4 because in the end it is a barge amongst speed boats and while i grant you it is plush it is still a mobile bordello ….a nifty over complicated much more modern lincoln mark is the mark 8 base. people with an lsc trim for sale want a lot more money for some paint and almost dual exhaust.
    my mark 8 is sweet. 4.6 dohc all aluminum engine and a decent tranny.modern systems and IRS. i have changed a few things,2.5″ tubular dual exhaust, 3.73 gears and trutrack diff. rebuilt the air suspension new struts and shocks. new speakers and radio but hey its a 98. not bad for 19 years on the road. just a little maintenance.

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