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Money No Object: 1973 Mercury Montego GT 429 LSR Racer

Money No Object: 1973 Mercury Montego GT 429 LSR Racer

As of writing, the current bid on this 1973 Mercury Montego GT 429 is just above nine thousand dollars…and that is criminally under what this car is worth. And I’m not saying that as a fanboy of Montegos…they’re a Torino with a different nose and tail to me…but because of what this car is. First and foremost, a 1973 Montego GT with a 429 from the factory is a rare beast…even with the kick in the kids horsepower rating for 1973, a paltry 201 horsepower, the 322 ft/lbs of torque wasn’t the worst thing in the world. It seems an odd engine choice for a Mercury of that vintage, but they were trying their best when just about everybody else was giving up and going super-plush. And yes, the engine is numbers-matching to the car, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sweating the idea of a smog-era big block? Don’t. Here’s the rundown:

  • PST Urethane suspension bushings throughout
  • Adjustable shocks
  • PST anti-roll bars
  • Eaton lowering springs
  • Stop Tech slotted rotors and HP pads in the front
  • Stock rear drums with HP pads in the rear
  • Black Rock 17″ aluminum wheels
  • Nitto NT555 255/50R17 W-rated tires
  • Improved ratio steering box


  • Rust removed and repainted in 2014 by Rick’s Hot Rods in Colorado Springs
  • Paint scheme based on the cars Dick Trickle race in NASCAR back in the day
  • All stripes are in the paint, but all lettering and numbers are vinyl, and can be removed


  • 600+HP on pump gas (based on 1/4 mile speed, no dyno numbers available)
  • Numbers matching 429 block bored and stroked to 528 cubic inches
  • Eagle 4.300″ stroke cast steel crankshaft with ESP armor
  • Scat 6.800″ 4340 I-beam connecting rods
  • Icon 4.420″ (+.060) forged pistons (11:1)
  • AFR aluminum heads
  • Crower “Beast” hyd flat tappet camshaft and lifters
  • Lunati alum roller rockers and pushrods
  • Edelbrock Torker II aluminum intake
  • Holly carburetor with Proform 1050cfm center section and Quickfuel fuel bowls
  • HEI distributor/ignition
  • Fabricated aluminum valve covers
  • 9 quart custom baffled oil pan with Canton windage tray


  • Numbers matching C6 automatic converted to manual
  • Broader Performance full manual reverse valve body
  • B&M ratchet/sequential shifter
  • Edge custom low stall converter (~1800 stall)

Rear End

  • Factory original 9″ rear with 3.25 gears and trac-loc
  • trac-loc rebuilt with Ford Racing clutches in 2017


  • Hooker headers, X-pipe, flow-packs, Warlock mufflers (with integrated dumps), and side exit exhaust
  • Champion aluminum radiator
  • Rear lower control arms welded and boxed
  • 22 gallon fuel cell with bladder and foam
  • Electric fuel pump with braided feed and return lines
  • Trunk compartment sealed off from passenger compartment
  • Kirkey Racing seats
  • 5 point harnesses
  • 6 point roll bar with seat trays
  • Removable steering wheel
  • Factory gauges bypassed in favor of aftermarket gauges, except oil pressure and speedo
  • Aftermarket gauges include, tach, engine temp, volts, and air/fuel ratio
  • Heater and A/C removed, but ventilation is still functional

eBay Link: 1973 Mercury Montego GT 429

Thanks to Andrew Crouch for the tip!

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6 thoughts on “Money No Object: 1973 Mercury Montego GT 429 LSR Racer

  1. Motor City

    The color and the stickers are what\’s killing the bids – I\’d bet most people aren\’t even seeing how much (good) work is in the car!
    A shame.

  2. Rik in Malta

    Love it! Special bonus points for the old Garmin GPS V mastic’d to the windscreen 😀

    1. Carl Hansen

      Nice catch! It’s the only GPS that reads down to a tenth of a mile an hour on average speed, making it mandatory equipment for open road racing.

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