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Not Max: This 1972 Ford Falcon Fairmont Is A Departure From The Pursuit Specials!

Not Max: This 1972 Ford Falcon Fairmont Is A Departure From The Pursuit Specials!

Truthfully, most Americans can relate to the Australian-sourced Ford Falcon solely because of the movie “Mad Max”. The image of the black MFP menacing down anyone who crossed the path of a cop pushed too far is very relatable on both sides of the pond. It doesn’t hurt that the Falcon had plenty of visual cues that related to cars in the States, either…you see a lot of early 1970s Torino in the design language. So, naturally, someone who has the means and the patience to wait out America’s 25-year import requirement would feasibly go over to Oz, find a useable Ford, stuff it into a shipping container and get it into the States. I worked with a pilot years ago who had a 1974 Fairmont that he drove near-daily and it was easy to see why…the car looked positively badass sitting in a parking lot of “normal” vehicles.

However, most of the Falcons in the States are in some way some kind of tip to Max’s car…black, mag wheels, jacked up in the back, sometimes with the “Concorde” nose cone. You don’t see “normal” Falcons over here that often and far less look like what we’d suspect a “day two” car would look like on the other side of the world. The running gear is solid: 302 Windsor with a shaker scoop, C-4 automatic, PBR four-wheel disc brakes, 2.75 gears in the 9-inch, and Daytona wheels all the way around.

While we aren’t taking to the “Champagne” color well (that looks like “Evening Orchid”, a mid-1960s GM color, in some of the photos) the rest of the car is just fine to us. Well, except one thing: the price. $75,000 is a bit of coin for a Ford, but is it worth it to you? Do you think you can do better importing one yourself? If Ford only cranked out 1,636 examples, maybe not!

eBay Link: 1972 Ford Falcon (XA) Fairmont

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5 thoughts on “Not Max: This 1972 Ford Falcon Fairmont Is A Departure From The Pursuit Specials!

  1. Matt Cramer

    I kind of like it in that color. But I’d also want to lower the back end an inch or two if I had it. Only a minor nitpick, but the stance is a bit stinkbug-ish.

  2. aussie351

    The sad thing is the asking price of this in Australia in Aussie dollars would still be $75,000. But a sedan that looked the same would be $25,000.

    Mere mortals can’t afford these hardtops any more. Demand has far outstripped supply, especially with so many of the few left being sent to you guys in the USA

    Google “XA coupe” to see how good these can look.

    And if you are in the market for one, please, please, buy the one above, and STOP TAKING OUR XAs AND XBs!

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    No wonder this beauty is for sale!

    The blubbering idiot who painted it in that hideous colour needs the money for a brain transplant….

    1. James Starks

      Unlike ole Gordie, who only has to go to the toilet for his brain refill. A #2 to go.

  4. Geordie Hatin' Mad Chevy

    That’s where geeyordie the yob has his dental work done as well. “Nurse, can you pass me the british brown tint for this mans remaining three teeth……”

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