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2011 PRI Show Coverage: Our Big Thursday Gallery

2011 PRI Show Coverage: Our Big Thursday Gallery

We hit the floor of the 2011 PRI show here in Orlando, Florida hard today. This gallery will kick off our coverage and we’ll follow it up with a bunch of specific blog items on cool cars, parts, and generally awesome stuff that we ran across at the convention center. PRI is basically a hard core SEMA show. 

There are race cars of all shapes and sized dotting the show floow. Drag race cars are the dominant breed, but stock cars, open wheelers, and even a few trucks are sprinkled into the mix as well. We saw more pistons, blocks, cranks, turbos, and other precision machined gearhead scultpures then we have ever seen concentrated into one place before.

Several companies like JE are breaking into new product avenues (JE will be selling their own multi-layer head gaskets in the near future) and others are applying their expertise in refining already established products. OEMs are here as well. Ford and GM Performance as well as Mopar all have significant displays. The coolest part of that? Each one is displaying factory built race cars. As Eric Cartman would say, “Totally SWEET!”

Here’s 200 photos to give you a taste of the show!


An Iveco Race Truck From Brazil


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2 thoughts on “2011 PRI Show Coverage: Our Big Thursday Gallery

  1. Jerry(realsteelfreak)Rose

    pic 153 of the IDG Camaro Drag car is sponsored by my past employer. I left them this past January. CEO and President of IDG is Charlie Lingenfelter(a great guy by the way) , brother of the late John L.
    I have posted pics before of the suite at ZMax , IDG leases the whole 3rd level. First Class all the way.

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