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2014 Chrysler Performance West Spring Fling: The Biggest Mopar Show In The West

2014 Chrysler Performance West Spring Fling: The Biggest Mopar Show In The West

Chryslers, Chryslers everywhere! That was how it looked just the other day when we were cruising the rows and rows of cool cars and trucks on display at the 2014 Chrysler Performance West Spring Fling. Woodley Park in Van Nuys once again played host to the event which boasts nearly 1,000 show cars, over 300 people selling stuff at the swap meet and a ton of Mopar centric vendors. We know people who travel vast distances to take in this show because of how much neat, western, original stuff rolls through the gate. We shot hundreds of photos at the event and we’ll be busting them out over the next couple of days. To us, the best part of this event is that the show is dominated by drivers. Nice cars but cars that are actually used and enjoyed by their owners. Car shows filled with “real” cars are tops in our book.

While we took in the actual show at the park, one of the coolest things about the Spring Fling is that there are days of activities ranging from an open track event at Willow Springs, multiple cruises to cool locations over the weekend, and a kick off part that gets the whole shebang off the road. Believe it or not, almost 10,000 people come through the show over the course of a couple days and judging from what we saw when we were there on Saturday, we believe it. If you are a Chrysler fan, a Mopar freak, or just someone who loves cool cars, this is a gallery for you. Classic American iron under the warm California sun. You betcha!


mopar spring fling car show035

mopar spring fling car show010

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7 thoughts on “2014 Chrysler Performance West Spring Fling: The Biggest Mopar Show In The West

  1. Lee

    I sincerely doubt that is a real 1968 Hemi Dart. Probably a clone or recreation to show what the car looked like as delivered to the dealership from Hurst/Campbell.

  2. ksj2

    Love the pic of Troys 68 Hemi Dart recreation.I bought my 69 Dart from him.Super nice car and nice guy.

  3. Autoxcuda

    More info on Spring Fling at http://www.cpwclub.com Our Fall Fling show is one day, Saturday October 26, 2014. We have about 300 show cars and 150+ swappers.. We do not offer judging at the Fall Fling event. We welcome all Mopars of any condition, value, collectibilty at our events.

    At Spring/Fall Fling events we have Hemi powered Air Raid sirens, Mopar made boats, Mopar powered european sports cars like Monteverdi/Ghia/Facel Vega…, Austrailan Mopars, Mexican Mopars, etc, etc… At this Spring Fling we had a 1950’s Powell SUV. Look it up!

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